Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Jac The Idol With a Tatoo

Bitching time. So she won the Malaysian Idol. Hmm, just now I read in metro about how certain people are not content with her piercing and tatoos, saying that she should lose it, saying that it's not very "Ketimuran" (Eastern). Wow, lick my ass, I fucking wonder where the concept of Malaysian Idol itself came from?! This is stupid. I don't know what religion Jac is from, from the name it must be Christian, forget that, the problem is, I'm sure she's not Muslim, plus, if she's Muslim, then we also need to complain about Dina won't we? She's not wearing the hijab. Ohho, and uh, the ignorance yet again, prevail over judgemental fuckers. First off, it's not like I know much about other religions but I do have friends, and piercing + tatoos are quite the norm with Hindu and Buddha (Correct me if I'm wrong), infact piercing is very much quite important in Hindu. Man just because western people on t.v potrayed as lost childs do it doesn't mean they started it, I guess these people bitching are far more influenced by western culture than anyone else.

Well, forget that, it's just simply stupid. I mean what's with these "Ketimuran" bullshits, what the fuck is that? I watched Puteri Gunung Ledang the other day and saw how some "Timur" ladies dress in the past, wow, maybe they should stick to that "Ketimuran" way of dressing, fuck, I'd fucking support the fucking campaign if there's any. It's so fucking stupid.

People try to put their "Judgements" and "Opinions" at stake, letting it roam and wonder in the gray area of "Ketimuran". It's stupid how they base their judgements on "Ketimuran", I mean if you're a Muslim, shouldn't it be based on the teachings of Islam? If it's wrong, it's wrong, NO, it's not okay to not cover your aurat, but yeah, I guess "Ketimuran" permits it since not many (Or not enough) people are complaining about it in the media, I mean the whole liga-M is based on this permission. And no, I'm not condemning anyone who doesn't cover their aurat, fuck I care, I sin a lot myself I don't have enough time to care about other people, I don't feel the need to act like a cunt, do what you gotta do, I just hate people without knowledge acting holier-than-thou, it's bad enough that you gotta judge people, then you gotta be a fucking idiotic slut about it.

All I'm trying to say is and I'm sure of this, as Muslims, our religion has set what is Halal and Haram, that's the BLACK and WHITE of it, there's no gray area, what's wrong is wrong and what's right is right, base everything on that, there's no use trying to defend "Ketimuran" because there's no such thing, it's very territorial and racist to be that way. I mean, who the fuck sets all these "Ketimuran" standard anyway? Fuck, it's bugging me. Peace.

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