Saturday, July 24, 2004

Okay. So I was going round the city with my partner, then someone called, informed about two dead bodies near the industrial park at the beach. So my friend drove real fast to get there and I put the siren on top of the car, you know those little detective sirens. As we reached the location, there was no dead body. There were two innocent looking guys and a few who looked like thugs. Turns out the two innocent looking guys were potential dead bodies. As the thugs were about to slice them with what looked like sabres, I spawned a pumpgun on my right hand and a glock on the left. I shot every fucker. Boom boom bang, like a muthafuckah.

Then I woke up.....

Took a piss, still sleepy

Then I went straight to the pc to check my downloads...

As I was sitting down looking at my soulseek

*Sniff sniff

Smells like semen

What?! I didn't fuck anyone in my dream. I didn't have a hard-on. Oh wait, I probably did, if I did, I didn't remember, I did remember taking a piss in my dream, but, oh well. Fuck. What a waste of semen..

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