Friday, April 04, 2008

aku kau panggil sayang dia kau panggil sayang

You know this soul classic by Lenny Williams - because i love you right? Dude is practically crying while singing. Here it is:

It kinda reminded me of my school days when I did listen to malay rock (can't escape this yo I live in a very malay world, maybe not so anymore but back then nahmean) and there was this one particular song where dude was at some parts was almost like crying while singing as well. I had to search youtube high and low for it since I don't remember the title although I was sure it was by Scoin but I wasn't that sure so I had to click on all the malay rock songs I know and I really can't recall the title cause all they titles sound the same. Cinta-cintaan? Rindu-rinduan? Rindu jadi kenangan, rindu jadi rinduan? Rindu jadi cinta, cinta jadi rindu? lalalalallaa cinta rindu kenang kasih syahdu pasrah mimpi bunga bla bla bla no yes? LOLw00t.

Anyway I think this is the one, so can we say this is the natural spin-off to Lenny Williams' classic?

OH YES WE CAN, bitch.

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