Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Dewds and dewdettes check this out right. Me was pickin' up a friend in a hilly neighbourhood right. It was raining and thundering right. Then I saw a badass right on a house on the hill right. I thought he was commiting suicide what with the height and lightning right. But he was just an old badass indo construction werker maybe tryna get sum renovs up for some upper middle class fam right. But forget about that right. He's actually pulling his dick out to the world and singing Judas Priest tunes while dangling his cock left and right, pissing on the trenches of humanity looking at the sky with his right fist pumping in the air to the rhythm of pure new wave of british heavy metal in his head. Rock on dewds! He roars.

And uh. Last time mah wallet had a beautiful colourful GILA-GILA REMAJA sticker on it. But it deteirotiated so I had to remove it. Now I have a new sticker. A more subtle one. GILA-GILA REMPIT! Rock on dewds!

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