Tuesday, April 08, 2008

ninja cat #2

is so sombong. he/she will appear out of nowhere while i'm outside and look at me. and then dissapear. of course i know that look. my hometown has like, 70 cats and i know that look homie. that can i has friskies look (the brand i bought was whiskas though, what's the difference really?).

is a mystery. is he/she a stray cat or someone else's, i'm still curious. if ninja cat is someone else's, then that particular someone else must really be neglecting him/her, like hellooo your cat is chilling in my lounge, eatin' mah whiskases? you're not doing your job as a pet owner, duh. i'm not familiar with stray cats, are they friendly or not? cause ninja cat surely isn't. those stray cats in restaurants, they surely are friendly. they will purr they asses off. you will ignore them. they will go somewhere else. they will come back. they will purr they asses off.

you give them leftover chicken.

that'll shut you up.

they shut up and eat. nom nom nom.

they go somewhere else.

they come back.

they purr they asses off.



you give them a whole piece of chicken.

they shut up and eat. nom nom nom. they go somewhere else. they come back. they purr they asses off.

you go to chilli's and get a set meal.

you come back.

you give them it.

they thank you and leave.


yes they don't have no shame. of course. why should they. these are ghetto cats. have you ever met a shy and reserved rempit with minimal vocal decibel levels?

only if that'll get 'em pussy for the night. only. you get mah point.

maybe ninja cat IS a ninja cat. kinda like a samurai kinda. like an out of job ninja. he/she used to be a recon spy for barisan nasional.

when i registered as part of the last election's barisan nasional workforce. the powers that be weren't sure of which side i'm on so they sent a recon cat to spy on me. so basically what this cat would do is.......... spy on me. duh obvious.

and then BN lost selangor. and kl too of course. so recon cat is out of work.

recon cat is a masterless ninja.

ninja cat.

ninja cat must survive.

ninja cat must use his/her most treasured trick.

the i - appear - and- give - penyangak- 'i can has friskies? :/' - look - then - dissapear - then - appear - again - when - food - is - poured - out trick.

no smoke is needed.

just the underbelly of a car. since penyangak is too gemuk to see down the car. ninja cat just hides under it and penyangak's limited reach of vision is cleverly exploited.

from under the car, ninja cat will observe the fiendish orange plate which might or might not be blessed with the crackle of brown thingies normal people call cat food but penyangak calls things that cost money.

as food is dropped from the box of spellbinding catty things.


ninja cat lives another day with a full stomach.

but the strife will never cease.

every day is a multitude of multilongings ninja cat.

penyangak wishes he could turn into a ninja cat so that he could SKODENG.



nice word.

good night.

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