Tuesday, April 08, 2008

baby got back

I don't know if I have storied this tale yet, but that's how it is with reality, you always tell your friends the same story twice, or thrice, or fourthrice, prompting them to either listen cause they themselves forgot, pretend to listen cause they feel sorry for you and your loserness, or shout siaran ulangan!!!!!!!!!!! (repeat telecast).

regardless, I dunn care, dunny, haha.

this is a coming of age epic.

I was about 13 or 14 going back home from school in a school bus. tired and weak for some reason (ignoring teachers and making noise when teachers cancel class can be consuming). half-asleep. I was lucky I got a seat though, backseat as usual. cause in this bus if you get in late sometimes you have to stand up.

I had pictured what I would do the moment I reach home. Skip lunch. Head straight to the bed, sleep the day away. And wake up fresh just in time for the sitcoms on channel 5 (singaporean channel, I lived in the dirty south back then).

and so the bus stopped roughly opposite my house. I walked slowly out. And suddenly *tring* I felt a slight tingle and I was never more awake in my life (exaggeration).

it wasn't until I crossed the road that I was met with a full realization of what had happened. yes if you've guessed it, while I was slowly making my way through the bus and through some standing passengers my dick had grazed the ass of a particular girl who was standing facing the window. well not simply graze, I could feel my dick go through the right cheek, the valley, then the left cheeck. but because I was really sleepy it didn't really hit me instantly but a few seconds later after I was awoken from half-slumber.

so now i'm wide awake, still walking, i can't stop or ish, i must pretend as if nothing has happened. now i'm fully awake, i'll be having lunch, watching sitcom reruns instead on channel 5, going out to play football with the homies, and on the way home buy those homemade ice cream from this particular home which i will pass by in the back alley i use to go back.

there you have it gentleladies and men, my first 'doggy style'.

pity i hadn't learnt how to wank yet. but you, youuuuuuuuuuu, believe me, that particular moment, i learnt the power of a woman's soft but firm backside.

wakuhgeauhkgawahukga. shit.


thinker bell said...

lawak mcm syiaaaaal ok. hahaha.

u dunno how to wank at 13? mak oi. lambatnye akil baligh. LOL.

lama tak datang tgk blog ni. lawak la hang ni penyangak.

penyangak said...

haha. yalah my first wank was when i was 15 (this warrants another blog entry). and considering my first porn was when i was 11, that's 4 years of air coming out the dicktip. lolwut.

thinker bell said...

lol. cant u just take the initiative earlier? LOL

well at least my first porn-ish experience was at 9. and was akil baligh by 10. hahahaha

penyangak said...

thing is i didn't exactly know how to wank. pretended to know when friends talk about it. found out how to exactly do it by accident.