Saturday, April 05, 2008

more shit i'm watching

How I Met Your Mother
oh yes i have the capacity to watch shit that came out after 2004 as well aight. haha. this shit is not bad, i'm nearly finished with season 1. granted, the main character is a smoldering piece of shit of annoyance and assholeness. sucks major ass. nearly every episode we have to watch his ass get into dilemmas over dilemmas and are we supposed to feel sorry for him? I do feel sorry for him. I feel sorry that I am not in New York to put him out of his misery.

doogie howser is dope as fuck! say whuuuuuuuut? freeze-frame high five!

i think this character suits him best. a suit who is cool as fuck. kinda like ari(from entourage)-lite in terms of behaviour but vincent(from entourage) in terms of sex life. he just holds this series togetha. the dude from freaks and geeks and his gf is cool too. he's partly why i'm watching this shit. there's 2 geeks from freaks and geeks cameo too. and not forgetting all the hot chicks that doogie howser brings to the plate all the time and dumbass main character keeps on fucking upping.

and my love of course. my love? who? what? neva heard of her?


isn't she the cutest. isn't she fucking gorgeosus (how do u spell that?)?!?!?! she is right?! right?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she is so adorable. and her name is the sexiest. imagine making sweet humpy love to her and shouting SCHERBATSKY! oh scherbatsky! yeah scherbatsky! INCOMINGGGGGGGGGGGG.

she's just too superb, she reminds me of that bartender chick in early seasons of Becker. HUMPH.

how the fuck she is thrown into the scenario of having sexual/emotional tensions with the dumbfuck main character is BEYOND ME. ergh.

she should be having major sexual tensions with doogie howser, even though he's gay, but who cares, gays still have dicks. i mean shit. i hate that main character, whoever his name is. every other character in the series is cool. and doogie howser and scherbatstky definitely make me go for more episodes even though this ain't one of the better sitcoms i've seen.

oh scherbatstky.


i can't stand beautiful women. oh scherbatstky tv crush! did i say i can't stand beautiful women. whenever i see them on television i bite my knuckles and punch a dumbbell (by accident). i know i could never have them and in reality nearly all beautiful women are worthless. but yeah, can't stand them, still they're beautiful. maybe all the good wimmin will look like that in heaven and they'll all be mah hoes right? oh God please.

Aight i'm gonna go out and get some food and just enjoy this dope ass city we all live in. Toodles. Okay what the fuck was that penyangak? toodles? you kidding me? oh drop it i'm in love with a tv character will you give me a break you cunt. okay.

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