Tuesday, April 22, 2008

random (i was never random until now)

i watched this movie called win a date with tad hamilton or some title to that effect. lalz. eric 70's show was in it that was cool. the girl was cute. that's that. halfway through it i realized i've watched parts of it on tv and wanted to watch the whole movie but never did.

so basically my uh, subconcious deja-vu hitchhiked an impulse, and wallabangbang i've downloaded this movie. eric rulez-ah.

and of course i just had to download season 2 of i'm alan partridge. lalz all around. lalz lalz lalz. the funniest idiot evva. i mean his earlier faux talk show shit was funny but it wasn't as dope as this. it's fonnay.

and then. yeah this post is not random at all really. however in relation (which is another stroke of the betrayal of randomness) to that, i was wondering what would happen if some clown went to kl freeze, and instead of freezing like everybody else erm, what would he do ah?

well if he was japanese, he would wank and then cum on the face of a random lady. or take of their bras and panties. that rhymed, oh fuhreally maybe. that rhymed some more, oh save me.

anyway. yeah if that particular clown, just went around taking off the bras or panties of random freezing ladies. what would happen to the freeze? would the barenaked ladies compromise their freezings? i don't know.

or or or or would the particular freeze morph into a naked freeze, which could project another (if there was one in the first place) political statement, maybe animal rights or shit? yeah right, could be could be, carry on carry on, nudge nudge.

or would the freezers all team up and beat up that clown. either way it's fun you know. naked ladies beating up a japanese dude. wow, if there's a way for japanese humour to penetrate our market, this would be it.

i'm listening to cinematic orchestra right now, i have never really propahlee listened to them before. alltho that song with roots manuva, live, is bonkaz, dope and shit. i really digged that one, and heard a few more here and there. now i am propahlee listenin' to them aight. i just don't know what's wrong with my mind nowadays, i just downloaded 4 roots manuva albums to find one song i liked, maybe i'll delete the rest. or maybe not? is there another twist in this endeavour. we'll see.

the same with lupe fiasco. his album right, i only liked one song, paris, tokyo. which sounds like a tribe called quest. and he doesn't even listen to them, even fucked up the lyrics in a tribute concert. prompting nerd rappers everywhere including the asshole little brother dewd to start a witchhunt. i don't really like his voice that much, but it's that pretty boy voice that the ladies want right now. maybe next decade the ladies will like the ugly boy voice and i might stand a chance in hip hop. chicago mayne. wonder why so many nerd rappers come from chicago, ain't chicago one of the main mafia towns or something. or maybe cause it's a mafia town all the black dudes are not mafia and are just the normal population instead you know. could be could be, carry on.

try to read the next textz i'm textingz while listening to this (there's no link really, cause youtube is fucking up right now gitew, so if you have febians - penantian in your winamp you should listen to it, it's like post rock with a vocalist, nicey). (oh wait here's a link). do sing-along too.

so did anyone catch the hujan kena maki video?

oh yeah fucking idiot underground kids. first off hujan is not menstrim status-wise, they're independent, they're only menstrim reachance-wise maybe. like they're independent but has the pull of a mainstream artist with good marketing. and if the kids are bitching about them asking for a lotta money, that's just sad, they give you music you pay lah fucka, they get in a lotta crowd pay and shut up lah fucker.

and these underground fuckaz don't have no respect, so they deserved to be beaten up acting all underground and shit, see how underground you are in 10 years time, potential yuppie scummmmamuhbitch. even if it was nickelback performing and you know the sucky magnitude of their suckiness but the dudes are still human, for fuck's sake have some fucking respect, they're still fucking humans you fucking low-life fucking piece of shit no respect having fetus acting like you all that shit you fucking dirt fucking semen excrement of an insignificant amoeba fuck you. who the fuck are you to judge people that way you fucking you fucking see when you start a band and get middle fingers thrown like that at you i hope you get nightmares of that every night from now on until you become a yuppie. lalz why am i so mad. no reason. saje je takde kerja.

i should've established something first like all good writers. but i'm not one, and this is a crappy blog. so i'll establish something later. which is now, really. i'm not like a fanatic of hujan or anything. statistically speaking, i liked the song pagi yang gelap + kau pijak hatiku from the first ep, and akuscandal + empayar mu from the second ep. that's that it's good simple pop music, love it! so i'm not a fanatic and this is not a fanatical outburst, infact it's an outburst from a human to other humans who just happen to be idiots. these fucking underground idiots. okay i do know noh personally too tho i'm not close or anything and he's a nice dude, what are these rumours of him being an asshole. if you believe in rumours youze an asshole.

i did fall into this underground mentality once and regretted it. like butterfingers turun jb. and i haven't seem them since like lagoonpalooza which was before i got into uni in jb. but all the underground kids didn't go cos yeah mainstream right. but who gives a fuck right? who? some. who should? no one. so what if they're signed under emi they still make good music you fucking cultheads, you need to take the christmas tree out ya ass and enjoy life mufuckah. fucking cunts, fucking cunts is what yawll iz. and i fucking loved butterfingers like shit. butterfingers was all in my head before i go to sleep and after i wake up back in hostel. butterfingers is the shiznite. i should have gone. lalz. why was i such an idiot, see at least i realized i was an idiot, so i am not an idiot anymore, i have morphed into a genius anyway.

but the thing was, at least those underground dewds who are these stupid underground kids now's seniors had brains and instead of coming to ruin to the party, they just didn't join the party. i don't like george w. bush, if he gave a speech would i come and bitch about it while he's speaking and look like a dumbfucking idiot? yes the answer is no. even if you came to watch your bands, did you have to be in the crowd while a band which is not your favourite band is performing? no, right? i used to go to a lotta big gigs in kl earlier this decade. and of course there was a lotta bands i didn't specifically prefer, what did i do while they were playing? i sat down and watched, or just talked with the buddies, i don't go up there and start a fucking idiot rally or something. when the undergrounders hated oag, they left before oag played. they didn't stay. the ones who stayed enjoyed oag for what they are. that's how it should be, if you don't like it, fuck off, don't be a cunt to the performer and everybody else you fucking cunt.

i can see in the hujan video. and i wept seeing some actual hujan fans just looking at the assholes, they must be heartbroken. imagine what the performer themselves felt. you can be a cunt, you cunts? but be a cunt by yourself, yes diss hujan say fuck minstrem all you want at your own leisure, just lock yourself up in your closet and shout 'fuck minstrem' all night all you want, but once you start to be a cunt to other people? you should be beaten up with a big dildo made out of car parts.

oh and about this thing that has been going on for a while, the fucking homophobe issue? wtf? i don't have anything against homos cause most of them are cool, but there's a naggling (wut?) suspicioun that these whining homos might not be homos in the first place, maybe they're just posers. or maybe they are homos but are fucking stupid and ignorant. freedom of speech? why aren't you going propahly for the religious leaders? oh i get it you're like eminem, you pick on the little kids. ohhhh let's pick on moby shall we, or will smith, they're polite mufuckaz, ohhh. well fuck you eminem wannabees. fuck you and don't get turned on by my ass either cause i'm straight baby, you ain't havin' none-a this, yeah that's torture for you fags innit? that's torture innit? not getting to have some of this penyangak ass. i belong to the ladies baby. anyway where was i. err. yeah eminem wannabees, pickin' on the wiiiiiiiiiiidle kids, huh? you fucking bullies. yeah right, what are youz? fucking bullies. fuck dem whiny dykes and faggots (no diss for the cool homos). youz iz fucking bullies that's what yawll iz. you think you're bullied? no you're fucking bullies now and you deserved to be bullied fuck you fuck fy.

phew. anyway all of that wasn't me. that was just some random thing that hitchhiked an impulse of mine. i love to go on textual outburst (but that wasn't me, that was just some random thing that hitchhiked an impulse of mine), it soothes my mind and clears my shit up so i can wank in peace.

while listening to enya.

btw i really really really love the pharcyde.

watch me wank while enya is in the background here tho.


Zaty said...

the 14th paragraph has the most number of the f words in a single paragraph i have ever seen in my life. LMAO.

"once you start to be a cunt to other people? you should be beaten up with a big dildo made out of car parts." <- ROFLOL.

but yeah, i totally agree about the leave-if-youre-not-into-the-music thing. it should be common sense. why would you wanna waste your time and energy to piss of performers you dont even like? better things to do la.. =P

penyangak said...

and your profile has the most blogs in a blogger profile i have ever seen in my life lalz.

yeah fuhreel. some people are just dumbfucking arses.

the alia said...

that photo, it made my day.

could be because i'm reading too much harrypotty fanfic though, hmm.

penyangak said...

she's hawt hawt hawt ryte *droolz*.

chowsingsing said...

i cum all over my pc just by looking at that head of ron blocking my friggin view