Thursday, May 01, 2008

life won't wait, the vision is a new world ordah, come along and tell your sista and your brotha

i'm a bimbo .. so what the fuck am i doing here staring at two opened up cpus. opened up as if it's both prepared for an operation. what the fuck am i doing here, unplugging a dvdrom and plugging it onto another cpu cause its very own dvdrom is fucked. what the fuck yo. i hate this. these fucking wires. fucking wires driving me crazy. fucking dust everywhere. fucking mouses keyboards fucking this fucking that. i hate dealing with computers. i love computers. i just hate dealing with them. when it comes to computers, i'm like a manly playa with a lotta playarizim on wimmin. i just wanna fuck 'em i don't wanna remember their names, i don't wanna know whether they prefer shopping online or offline, i don't wanna know what's their favourite food. if they are in a dillema or some shit like that i don't want to go there and console them or help them or whatever or whatever fuck that right.

i'm sitting cross legged right here on this wooden floor, do i like it? no. fuck it. fuck. i'm facing these cpus. argh.

^^ I wrote all that yesterday, while in a not-so-good sitting down posture, on hard wood, surrounded by computery things. and was a bit grumpy cursing here and there as if i was in my car and 4 cars were cuting queues leading to just one lane and i'm cursing away at all 3 who were not in the right lane as i am fuck you you you you you fucking cunts.

however (bees and flowers fly across your monitor screen) (no idea how flowers would fly, just imagine the bees carrying them), i have managed to settle the problem, man do i hate dealing with computers, and troubleshooting and shit. back when i was in college or university as we call it here, all my housemates were computer wizards. and so i asked myself, should i be one myself? after which i answered myself, FUCK NO. so i am basically a clueless lazy fuck who does not give a fuck about something i'm supposed to give a fuck about. but i know a few shits here and there, and i'm a fast learner, i just don't like to bother. but whatever, problem solved, and i can wank in peace now. i have just received a tag from siti nur ectopy, will do it later maybe.


Cicatrices Pourpres~ said...

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penyangak said...

saje je sapa suh guna nama komplikated. padan muka. oh itu adalah blogger lah.