Sunday, May 11, 2008

bagai lukisan

just came back from watching AF for the 1st time this season around. i swear it was an accident. i was just chillin' on the sofa and shit, flippin' the fricking telly. i was watching 'hip hop countdown' on mtv, not surprisingly there wasn't much hip hop going on, so i flipped the channels, and i ended on an Akademi Fantasia repeat.

i don't watch AF much now since i live alone, when i wasn't i just couldn't escape it. it was always on especially considering all of mah siblings are female. there's no embarrassment from watching it for me tho, cause i like to watch the judges talk. for some funny reason.

fuhreel dawg. look at the judges just now, og hawt, ning baizura hawt, IDA NERINA MASSIVE AMOUNT OF CUMMY CUMMY PARADISE HAWTNESS. wow she's so fucking hot. hot hot hot. panas. chaud. heiß. caldo. горяче. caliente. 뜨거운. daym she's hot. the way she speaks. her face just lights up the whole arena, cause if you actually pay attention to the surroundings, the AF show organizers did not use any actual lighting at all. yeah all those lights came from ida nerina's body. the red lights came from her mouth, the yellow lights from her skin, the dark lights from her hair, the pink lights from her nipples, the darkish red from her love to me (her heart) .. and the white lights from my love to her. wakhkgeahkukgeaga.


she's hawt, the way she talks, fucking hot. hot hot hot. i have a tatoo that says ida nerina inside my skin. if you peel my skin off and flip it 180 degrees you can see it. it's everywhere, it's like fucking polka dot, it's like on of those baju melayus made out of cloths that has brand names written all over it in repeat.

in the malay 3gp porn scene we have a new genre called 'ida nerina lookalikes'. there's 2 so far. wow. not as hot as the real thing, but still, it's enough.


about those organisms singing on stage, who gives a fuck really. they're gonna end up getting every single drip of their souls squeezed out and fucked by maestro anyway.

but ida nerina. she stays being ida nerina.

she could start a war.

if she started a war, i am fucking rambo.

i am shooting every fucker with arrows.

planting claymores on colonial bombs.

appearing behind enemy bosses.

making other people inspired to kill.

but the similarities with john ends there.

cause i WILL end up smothering the girl.

ida nerina (well since she's not single maybe her daughter who looks exactly like her).


erra fazira is hawt too. in that movie cuci. she's old and shit, but she's still hawt as fuck.

the girls in dunia baru, not bad. give me one. mmmmmmmmm.


Pourpres~ said...

Ye keee. Manade lah. X hot pon

penyangak said...

X tanya pongggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

green apple said...

mr horny.

penyangak said...

sungguh tepat sekali itu (kesalahan tatabahasa di situ).

Bedah said...

We need to find you a bitch, fast.

penyangak said...

but i love being a loser :(