Wednesday, May 07, 2008

recently, what have i watched + i'm welsh, but i've never fucked a sheep

i have a few movies i'm looking forward to, but i have to wait for cinema releases to watch 'em since there's no advanced lanun copies. even if there were, it would be really ugly copies. so fuck it right. i wanna watch forgetting sarah marshall, and pineapple express, both involving freaks and geeks alumni & judd apatow, fcourse. maybe i would wanna watch that ben stiller gang kinda movie with robert downey jr. what's-it-called too. maybe i could watch my first ever shyamalan movie too, cause the new one stars marky mark and cool ass leguizamo. but then again, i've always avoided shyamalam like it was a tv series called heroes. still, maybe i should try it. and that new indiana jones, doesn't look too bad. maybe a few more, i dunno, watching trailers while lining up to buy cinema tickets hurts cause those movies are not on sale. there are some interesting movies. i might even look forward to that love movie too. sigh i dunno. dark knight? oh for sho.

i also know i definitely itched and really wanted to watch iron man, before i finally did and ejaculated in the cinema. it was pure pop corn box office shit done nicely, that's all, and the armours/robots are fucking beautiful (take note michael bay). post 90's, or post 80's comic adaptations, this one and batman begins (and soon enough dark knight) take the fucking cake.

as i was typing that last sentence i got a mild shock when i saw something tiny on the keyboard. my impulse thought it was a small cicak (weetle lizards) and my heart jumped a bit for no reason. phew it was a lost strand of towel fabric. hahahuhu. loser.

realizing that 2008 movies are cinema-waiting materials, i decided to use my ignorance to fulfill my need to lie down and watch movies. how? by looking up 2006 2007 (or in one occasion 2001) movies i've ignored, fcoarse. bumped into a few.

was tun, wenn's brennt? was the 2001. german movie, english title - what to do incase of fire? (you'll get the answer propah in the movie). have you ever seen a feel-good punk movie? me neither, this is one. it's not bad really, you know i love happy happy funny movies. 5 or 6 in a gang, a bomb which only exploded yearsssssssss after it was planted by them punks. of course by this time most of them have already moved on, except two dewds who are still system-haters, they decided to find the rest and try to solve together the problem they would be facing with all the police force probing. not too bad of a plot. buddy movie. yeah, not too bad, that's how i would describe ot, infact i've already done so on more than two occasions already, in this very same paragraph. i'm sorry, i'm tarded.

grandma's boy. stoner movie. starring nearly all of adam sandler's sidekicks. the main dewd, i kinda like him he's cool. i hate nearly all of adam sandler's new shits by the way (but happy gilmore still kicks mad ass). the voice he uses to woo ladies, wow that is a voice that could cause nuclear combustions directed at him. this is a cool ass movie though, his sidekicks are still cool to me. funny movie. funny. okay concept. the fact that the main dewd is a video game tester might've hit my soft spot a bit thow.

waitress is a movie about a chick dealing with pregnancy, okay deja-vu, juno. but don't worry no pretentious dialogue. the thing about this movie is there is a long-ass build-up (which i didn't realize until it ended) that at one point started to piss me off. and then everything just falls down together in one moment and i was like daym that was nice. erm, how to explain, it kinda created this tension, and in the end it will all make sense. sumin' like that. the main actress is kinda nice looking.

lonesome jim. i watched this last night. it's pretty nice. buscemi directed it. ben stiller's younger brother starred, and the hot ass liv tyler. a 2007 movie as is waitress, and to me, a similarity in terms of creating an unspoken tension. i dunno man, it's not bad, you know. involves a lotta unhappy grumbly peoples and one very chirpy optimistic mother who is very lovable but highly underappreciated. making me start to think what the fuck is wrong with all these whiny white boys. to think they created emo too. these fucking white boys. fuck yawll.

i kinda watched this japanese movie too which was about some samurai dewd who lost his sight. and then his wife was fucked by someone. and shit. but i kinda forgot the title cause i deleted it cause i found it to be quite boring alltho nicely done. still, a bore's a bore. proof? i fell asleep in more than five different instances watching it, it took me nearly 3 weeks to finish this one movie.

i think that's about it. not that i write about everything i watch, just some shit i wanna write about. i have a few more downloaded shits to watch. can you believe i haven't watched ratatouille? being a big fan of iron giant and the incredibles i should've already. but i have this thing against cartoons, they don't appeal to me at all as an adult. not that i'm saying i'm matured or something. it's kinda like black and white movies. i just don't like the medium, or the format of the medium, but sometimes brilliant movies are just made using those formats and shit. and it would transcend that, you knahhmeen? sumin' like that tho. it's like i could watch a really dope cartoon or black and white movie and really be drooling all over it, but afterwards i would find it really difficult to watch another one. for some reason. anybody ever feel the same way. i dunno. if you're a cute chick holler.

oh and, HOUSE MD still rulez! i still love it. despite the fact that he's still roughly doing the same shit every episode, and his co-stars brand new as most of them are, still pale in comparison. except maybe cuddy cos she kinda ha-ha-ha-ha-hawt tah meh. huhu. there's this one really dope scene in one of the new episodes. house is walking towards a lift, on the way he bumped into wilson, they walk together while starting a serious conversation about something they had discussed way earlier. the lift door was about to close when house flips out his cane, which held the door, and they enter, another dewd in it. wilson continues whining, and house then calmly delivers his take on things, wilson listens carefully, and as house is deep into his explanation, he unbeexpectadestly (but nonchalant as ever) takes out a syringe and injects the neck of the other dude in the lift. wahukghkeahgeakuga. the WTF look on wilson's face is fucking priceless, totally priceless, like WTF are you doing house? wakuhgkheageakuhgkua. i don't know why, it was funny as fuck, despite knowing the background story which i will not reveal. it was funny as fuck i was laughing like a bitch. wow. raw comedy.

and another one, BARNEY HAS FINALLY FUCKED SCHERBATSKY! take that you cunting ass ted mosby. how did ted react? he de-friended barney ooooooooo what a pussy goonie goo goo woonie poo poo fuck you boo hoo. fuck you. barney owns ya ass. scherbatsky is smoking hot and angelic, at the same time. mm. come to papi. papi suck yow canadian nippies.

and uh, you know how stupid and sheepish humans are. ergh. just this morning, me and a mercedes were 2nd in row on a two laned road waiting for the traffic light to turn green so we could turn right, right. for some reason the two cars infront of us decided to jump the red light. and suddenfuckingly nearly all the cars behind us are fucking HONKING? what the fuck? i was like, what the fuck stupid? and all this while there are cars on the opposing lane crossing the junction, and if we turn right we have at least a bit of a chance of hitting them no? yes? you schtewpeed inbred cunt. no they weren't trying to get us to jump the red light, they were just plain dumbnutting sheep idiots who thought that just because the two cars infront of us moved we should be moving too. LOOK AT THE FUCKING LIGHT you numbnuts, it's fucking RED, you fucks are not colorblind, you're stupid regardless. good thing both me and the mercedes stood our grounds and waited till the light turned green. not that i'm against running red lights, i do it all the time, often on this very same junction too, but only when there are hardly cars around, this is busy time you fucking arsecunts. and that's really out of the question anyway, they were just being stupid sheeps. two people go, now everyone wanna go. monkey see monkey do. two monkeys fuck a sheep, the others want to fuck a sheep too. go fuck a sheep you sheeps.


Cicatrices Pourpres~ said...

barney fucked scherbatsky?! what da f?! Is there any way possible for you to give me all of How I Met Your Momma? HUH? Have you watched Kite Runner? Or is that just ain't your thing?

penyangak said...

haha. well i deleted season 1 and 2 cos even tho barney is cool and scherbatsky is cun to me the series is forgettable. but i have most of season 3, until the latest episode. i can give you links to download all episodes though.

yeah i watched the kite runner, wrote bout it here.

Cicatrices Pourpres~ said...

gimme link link! chop. eztv is it?