Wednesday, May 07, 2008

kami emcee rogue squad and yawh we hit hard

i tell you ah, if you ever felt like shitting in a shopping complex, do it in one utama. woohooo. first off they have water. most shopping complexes especially ones in central kl only provide tissue, it's not wet-friendly. in one utama there's a whole bunch of water.

but that's not the main point. the main point is the jet stream of the wattah. wow, point that shit to your anus hole and it will knock everything out of the way, even your skin off if you're lucky. it's so fucking strong, or forceful. it feels gooooooooot. i don't need help from the hands and fingers.

it's like anal massage. phewh. my ass feels rejuvenated.

this is not a paid entry. go to one utama now, and take a shit (assuming you practice cleaning ya a-hole afta a session).


green apple said...

ko dah kehabisan idea nak menulis ke yang kena cerita pasal toilet dan kaedah mensucikan diri ni?

penyangak said...

aku sememangnya tak pernah ada idea di dalam bidang penulisan ini.

Bedah said...

YOU WRONG, best place to take a crap is Gardens Mid Valley. Elevator music is the toilet, you can beat that!

penyangak said...

one utama toilet stereo plays europe - final countdown on loop HAH HAH HAH YOU LOOOOOOOOOZE.