Friday, May 23, 2008

visions and sound

no more sickness, sweat comes back. it was fun being sweatless for a few days. i'm beginning to suspect that ninja cats are working shifts. whenever i see the gray one, the other is never present, whenever i see the gray with a little bit of orange highlights one (so remps), the other is not present too. but i've seen (spied on) them chilling out with each other and a few white-ish cats around them (must be they bitches nameen, ninja cats iz playaz) outside on the road and shit.

aight aight aight a few films i've been checking out, maybe some music too.

Peep Show (season 5)
one of my favourite tv shows ever. if you're not familiar, brit comedy/drama about two best friends, more on it in my old post nameen. it's just fucking hilarious, it's just straight out fucked up comedy. whaukgeakhuga. so the new season has started, and what's dope is that it's still dope. even more hilarious than before actually, much darker i guess.

about a buncha iranian girls who were trying to get into the stadium to watch iran vs. bahrain (whoever wins get to go to the world cup if i'm not mistaken). you see they're not allowed in, so some of them got caught and confined somewhere by the funny guards. it's very simple and dialogue-based. it's kinda cute too, how crazy the girls are about football, sho adorable, how they keep bullying (kinda) the head guard who was trying his best to be strict. the heartwarming part is the ending.

18 With a Bullet
THIS IS THE FUCKING SHIZNIT. on some latino thug shit. you know how i love mexican gangster movies like blood in blood out or american me. not that i was a member of vl bangsar or anything haha, but i dunno i just have a thing for brownish thugs more than otha gangsta shit. maybe cause i AM brown? i dunno. however this is not a movie, it's a BBC docu (props to BBC for always bringing us good shit). and it's the real thing, not mexican shit tho, san salvador shit, but it's almost the same with the slang and style and all, i mean the gang originated from LA anyway.

it's war between 18 and ms. this docu follows a buncha youngstaz and og's from the 18 gang (most of the og's are running the gang from prison through the youngstaz in the hoods). when i say follow it's not like you're an outsider looking in, cause this docu makes you feel like you're a friend of these thugs and shit. it's really in depth, the makers must've lived with dem for months.

you kinda feel some kind of connection with some of the characters maybe cause they could remind you of someone you know or a character from one of the mexican thug movies. like one of them looks and acts exactly like chuwey (or what's his name the dude always with a bandana on his head) from blood in blood out. he's the one with a lit cig in the first pic. some of them just remind you of a friend or some young dude you know or shit nameen. the leader of a neighbourhood franchise of the gang is like 16, and he's like jambu as fuck, you get me? if he lived here he would be in UIA doing law or something. but instead he is the leader of his neighbourhood's pack. i understand why tho, he seems like a really wise and smart dewd, that's why i said if he was here he would be nothing but a good student in some school or suttin'. there's the o.g. dewd who is funny and smiley smiley but a bit psycho and always fucks up but loves his wife and kids dearly.

the other o.g towards the end is my favourite, he's quite well spoken and looks like a charming dewd. like the psycho o.g who's one of his close friends, he's fucking crazy about the wife and kids too. the ending which involves what happens to this dewd is quite heartwarming.

the thing about these dudes iz you could quite understand why they had to choose the thug life. it's not like they live in a proper environment. being a gangsta is the most appealing career they could hope for i guess. all of them examined in this docu especially the younger ones seem to have lived they lives without proper upbringing. some of them don't even really want to live like this, they just wanna live like everybody else in this world, like US, you know? it's kinda shit wrenching thinking about it. like. fuck.

Does Snuff Exist?
Docu examining the existence of snuff movies. haha. takes me back to the days when i used to hang out at video rental stores playing the ps2 and watching abang-abang mat motors browse the 'secret' drawer. yawll surely remember faces of death and cannibal holocaust right? they interview the makers of those here among others. fuck, i didn't know that sula scene in cannibal holocaust was a real woman. no she wasn't killed or anything, she was actually sitting on a hidden bicycle seat. fuck. interesting docu. bedah you know you can't wait to watch this shit wahukgekuaekaga.

fuck. i hate horror movies. i mean zombie movies are okay, but this is not one of those common ones, this was a european one. it involved darkness, suspense, and really really really scary beings. i didn't have any intention of seeing it but my friend was hyping it up so much i just had to check it out. it did have a bit of a slow start, but i must say it got really scary considering especially i don't usually expect much fear to come out of zombie or monster movies. but that's an assumption born from having seen mostly american ones. i mean fuck, the ending, fuck. just think about it when you arrive at the ending. i can't stand the zombies, ergkh. after watching this i had like a paranoia that a zombie would attack me at any moment, so if anybody saw some fat dude carrying an axe in public places around some time earlier this month, that was me.

yeah it's dope. kinda hard to relate to a rat seeing as i've been trying like shit to get rid of them in this house, but yaknow, the magic of pixar. i have to say i still kinda liked the incredibles and iron giant more though. but still, good shit good shit nahmeen? it's nice that cartoons are still trying to tell stories that you could get really absorbed into you know.

East is East
okay i haven't even finished the movie, just watched a bit last night but went to sleep 1/4th of the way cause i had to get some sleep cause i had to go to work this morning (a rare occasion i must admit). but it's a brit movie i'm pretty sure it's gonna be good. all i wanna say though is that, err, well the movie's about the generation gap between an orthodox pakistani father, and his modern and mixed (pakistani + english) offsprings. i gotta say the offsprings are beautiful, so basically it's all about the mix innit. the point is err, since i'm brown, i need a white chick to be my wifey, i guess you know? preferably english cause i like the accent, but you know, japanese chicks can go too you know? i mean, whichever comes first. like when you go to the car service center they'll say things like after bla bla mileage or 6 months, whichever comes first, nameen? same with me, white chick or japanese chick whichever comes first let's make cute ass mixed spawns. come to think about it, both would be nice too you know, i mean depending on the situation. if first wifey ain't got no qualms bout a bruva gettin' a second one. fuck, I'LL LOCK THAT SHIT DOWN PROPAH, namsayench?!

Lars and the Real Girl
bout some dude who starts a psychotic (to everyone else at least, i haven't finished watching it thus not knowing what happens at last) relationship with a real-looking doll. well it was kinda boring so i didn't finish it.

About a Boy
wasn't really interested when it came out. but since i've been reading this nick hornby book 'how to be good' (more than half a year ..and counting) and it's dope, and i've watched the movie adaptation of another work of his high fidelity and it was dope, and i found out this was another adaptation of his shit, i just had to watch it right. plus Hugh Grant's in it. I mean some people might think he's corny but I think he's dope. He was dope in four weddings and a funeral and love, actually. he fits well into a certain kind of role and that's just that innit. oh yeah the movie's not bad.


now on to some music

DJ Jazzy Jeff - The Return of Magnificient
i've been checking out a lotta new hip hop but i'm only really really digging this one so far by the jazzy. yawll know that dude that always gets kicked out in Fresh Prince of Bel Air. yeah. his beats are dope and jazzy and soulful and groovy and all that shit. his choice of guest emcees is fucking dope too. i mean J-Live, Jean Grae, Big Daddy Kane, Kardinal Offishall, Method Man, CL Smooth, Peedi Peedi, and many more, like fuck, bada bing bada boom bomb diggy.


truthfully not been digging too many new music. most of my downloads now are throwbacks, like old school or just old shit, or just slightly older than now shit. a lotta old malay shit too. and jiwang shit. rnb too nameen. i'm mellow as shit.


The Rhymeweaver said...

yo haq mana nak cari movie [rec] ni? pass me that shit if you dont mind. i neeeeeeeeed it. urrrrrrr

penyangak said...

download daaaaaaaaaa apa susah

green apple said...

aku tak penah dgr semua tajuk ni wehhhhhh.

aku duduk kat mana ni????

The Rhymeweaver said...

it was on google video, bless the bugger who uploaded that movie. sial gila seram, everything looked like real gila woah

penyangak said...

green apple - semua tajuk nih pernah keluar kat rtm otay

pengalun rhyme - yes, memang seram, cibai nye movie.