Wednesday, September 03, 2008

count dracula

berbatov has finally moved to man utd. at fricking last. a bit overpriced but who gives a fuck it's not my money. thing about this dude is whenever i see him play i get boners just watching him receive a pass, the ball could be a burning comet from outer space and he would just stop time then manipulate it at his own bulgarian will. the last time i had this much boner watching a player was back when alessandro nesta was considerably young (bergetah) and had ladylike (italian football player-like) long hair (so jambu one).

he was being a bitch towards tottenham before the transfer not unlike ronaldo. but like i said about ronaldo to fergie, offload the stepovery cunt already. he doesn't want to play for the club, throw him off and part ways and that's that. but i guess sir alex loves ronaldo's ugly pimply ass too much.

in total non-relation to that, i must also mention that berbatov is my age, born in the same year as i did. probably went to the same school together but he was too busy with his cricket and chess, i was more into basketball as i have some afro blood in me so we never bumped into each other. haha. and look at how old he looks and how young i look. aren't you fucks jealous? yes you are, fuck y'all.

he's exactly the type of player that manure need and the fans have known this for ages. to be frank there are not many players of his type so if they didn't sign him they would be hard pressed to find an equal. manure has two of the best speedy playmaking forwards already in the squad (in front of an almost-perfect midfield + winger lineup), all that's needed was a classy hitmen to feed, and berbatov is that dude. i hope it works well for him and manure.

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