Saturday, September 13, 2008

stay calm, stay free

we live in a funny country. our leaders and us don't share the same dimension. they live in their world, we live in another.

and we just can't seem to get rid of each other.

(no rhyme intended)

every blog discussing politics has urged the people to be calm. i am quite sure we are capable of being calm, but what kind of calm? the best guess is a ticking time bomb.

propaganda taught us to hate the communists, but our government thrives on the people's fear.

i knew a friend who's family member got captured under the ISA. what do you do in this situation? what if it was your family member, someone who's very dear to you. would you tell him/her to give up whatever he/she is fighting for?

this is not something new, people have been apprehended without trial and gotten their beliefs attempted to be shaken out of them since before all of us were born.

does it sound dreadfully familiar? do you remember what your ustazah taught you? about those muslims who were beaten senseless and forced to denounce what they stand for and believe in.

are we muslims because we love islam, or just because it looks good on us.

this country would choke and perish if its supply of dire hypocrisy and irony is cut off.

or will it? i hope we'll find out someday.

how long can we bear witnessing this comedy (tragic) with a clenched fist, instead of laughter.

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