Wednesday, September 03, 2008

belated independence

in which community is it possible for everyone to be extremely "racist" yet cheerful and at ease with each other?

a porn forum.

i know not a good time to talk about shit like this but i've thought about it since a long time ago.

i mean you could be like here take a look at this cum thirsty algerian whore and you won't have people bitching about how everyone is equal and there is no need to address someone according to race and a whore's a whore it doesn't matter what race she is. instead they'll be all simple like 'o'rilly? let me take a look'. some malay dude could be asking some indian dude like 'yo indian dude, you got any desi porn?' and the indian dude won't be like 'what the fuck, just cause i'm indian you assume i only have desi porn?! i have all sorts of porn! why can't you just ask for just porn in general?! why do you have to refer to my race? you fucking keris waving buttmunching bumiputras' but instead he'll be all simple like 'let me check my external, i'll upload some nice ones for you!".

aww how sweet.

that's exactly what not being racist is all about. seeing beyond race. race is a trivial matter. in this smut universe race is merely a categorization of what someone might look like, how they might behave, whether they spit/swallow/gargle, and it ends at that. no sensitivity attached, cause you already know deep down inside it's a non issue. no need for the existence of the lame-ass political correctness because respect and equality is part of natural instinct, not something achieved through tolerance. fuck tolerance, you're supposed to be that way, not tolerate having to be that way.

none of that bullshit in sharing porn. you don't get smut addicts going 'hey look at that nude jew chick, she's only sucking that cock for economic reasons' or 'hey look at that black chick, she doesn't look like she's into the sex, the white dude better start playing some r&b tapes to get the session going' or 'i don't mean to be racist but i hate chinese bitches, they don't shave or trim, chinese people are disgusting and they should be wiped off the earth' (at least not in a non-ironic way). i could go on.

but i bet you already get how beautiful the world would be if we apply this concept of harmony to our daily lives.

we could all live in genuine peace.

there won't be any racial discrimination.

no more zionists.

no certain races claiming biased rights over something.

race is merely a concept created by god so that we could differentiate from each other and establish some kind of uniqueness about ourselves. nothing more than that.


with that, i bid to you fellow malaysians regardless of whether you are a cuntish money hungry chinese, useless estate indian, corrupt lazy malay, or insignificant iban-kadazan-aborigine-lain-lain(other) (let's just pile all of them together shall we):



bangkai said...

Never thought of it like this before. But, crikey! This pint of view has its merits.

Bedah said...

This is so bizarre.

That nazi kid is cute. Where to get em uniforms for my kids eh?

penyangak said...

haha maybe it does have its merits but usually my opinions are baseless and pointless and sometimes even i don't realize this. well at least i mean well haha.

yeah he is cute, so was hitler. i don't think it's readily available retail-wise. but you can always buy a look-alike jacket. and use some random cloth to make up the nazi arm band. and colour it red using the menstrual blood of a virgin jew.

amir fififudin said...

pemikiran yang baek. i feel this thread sebab aku ada banyak kali mengalaminya bila aku sebut cina itu atau india itu aku hanya guna sebagai reference supaya orang jelas dengan cerita aku. not to label semua cina macam tu atau semua india macam tu.

ini apa yang dapat aku cakap sebab aku bukan paham keseluruhan english kau. vocab ku maseh lemah. hehehe

Pourpres~ said...

ur actually a genius. way smarter than most pretentious full of crap bloggers. well I know YOU know that. sadap ah. aku suka the last paragraph. hahahaha, insignificant lain-lain(other)

penyangak said...

vocab aku pun masih lemah tapi baru tadi aku belajar perkataan baru, jap lagi aku guna untuk respond kepada comment pourpres.

penyangak said...

/me gloats