Wednesday, September 24, 2008

tv rules, and i don't even watch it anymore, fuck i have teh internets and a technology called downloading

before the end of this decade, you could say the millenium has given us a crap shit music industry, an okay neither here nor there movie scene, but an ass-raping badassedly-brilliant golden age of television.

there's too much good shit to list so it's just easier for me to say even the crappy-crap shit like the o.c., grey's anatomy, heroes, lost or etc etc whatever were pretty watchable. i watched the o.c. till season 3 or something, at least a few seasons of grey's anatomy, the first season of heroes before realizing it's bullshit, and i watched a bit of lost before realizing i could just wait a few years and read up about what that shit was and it's probably some anti-climactic scientific bullshit anyway so why bother even bothering argh.

..and i did realize those and a few other guilty (or shameless) pleasures were pretty gay but, they weren't too bad you know.

but a lotta classics were made in this decade, most of my favourites are from it nahmeen. i'm not saying that my opinion is fact and if you don't agree you're wrong .. wait that's exactly what i'm saying. and that is true, no matter what you say, i'm right! even when i'm not right i'm right (my own version of scarface's famous you-can't-win-even-when-you're-winning-you-fuck statement).

right, fuck it, lemme name a few, aight:- freaks and geeks (this good shit came out in 1999 but fuck it was only a few months away), curb your enthusiasm, the wire, house m.d., peep show, the office (original version), chapelle's show, entourage, the league of gentlemen, extras, weeds, rome, oz, dexter, and many fucking more you fucks get what i'm getting at right? you cuntbags prolly watch more good shit than i do fuck i know but yawll agree right.

i understand the advent of annoying ass reality t.v. has been a propah bitch and will keep haunting us, but vanilla ice, mc hammer, marky mark, etc etc, they could not and did not impede the 90's from becoming a golden era of hip hop. so don't let reality t.v. spoil your shit, just pretend it never existed (like i did with the dirt on my car, a wash every three months is not too bad, i hope), except for shit like maximum exposure, or bangbus, those are a different type of reality t.v. i'm talking about the ones with a considerable (and inconsiderate) amount of cunting douchebaggery, you know whatitiz.

now i gotta go piss and maybe shit a good one, wait a long while (boys know why), then get to wanking. tata titi tutu.

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