Wednesday, July 02, 2008


i don't have a split personality. none at all. it's just me.

but let's just assume that i might, could, or do, maybe.

i was driving just now and i went "yaw, what should i eat" to a possible another me. of course there is no another me, so another voice went "yaw, who the fuck are you talking to yaw?".

and then i paused. and i was like, if i didn't have another me why would there be another me scolding me for talking to another me because there's no another me.

i stopped the car.

i went outside.

i ran into the woods.

deep into the woods.

i ran up the mountains, towards the highest tree.

what happened to my car?

it's still moving. and i'm driving.

waukhghekagueaugakuhgeagukeakugeahhkuga wtf.


1 comment:

Pourpres~ said...

LALZ! nak tiru gak gelak kau