Friday, July 25, 2008

LIZA BURUNG ANTU (a tribute)

as promised earlier this year. lalz.

who is liza burung antu? she is the 'bitch' character in classic 80's teen movie gila-gila remaja.

in the movie she potrayed a 'bitch' who always pulled a face whenever loathsome (to her) guys (all guys, really) are around, and constantly advising (while pulling 'the face') the heroine (who ain't too cute) to stay away from them, giving us feminist vibes:

yeah we get it, the stereotypical i-hate-men bitch character, she's that. i've been watching this film on steady repeat ever since it came out when i was a kid, and i have never noticed anything special about her. yeah, up until that fateful moment when i saw a glance of paradise, that helpless kitten face, during the breakdance scene. wow. it was meant to be. god himself wanted me to witness the cuteness.

yes, she might be a bitch in the movie, but when she thinks no one else is looking, her muscles relax and her true self is revealed. well, she thought wrong, i was looking, through the pause button and the capture option. you cannot escape the kewtness detector.

we start with the breakdance scene:

nothing to see here, just my favourite actor faizal huseein, a famous malay actor from the 80's and 90's (or his stunt double) getting his b-boy on and wearing pink decades before kanye west made it trendy. snore.

wait what was that?

wu wu wuut? who's that chick on the right?

wait is that?


that's liza? that chick the fat dude ridiculed with the nickname 'burung antu'? (which means owl by the way). is that the bitch? what you sure?

huff puff puff (bated breath) huh huh huh.

am i? what? yeah. what? shit? shit. shit!

wow. (draws a small heart on the table with a knife).

heuw. phew. lalz.

what the fuck was roy (the hero acted by faizal hussein) thinking? he afta that chick with the book? you have the cutest fucking cutesy kitten fucking koala bear chick all this while and you after that new chick? no wonder liza was cranky and shit. she's cute as fuck and you after the ugly new girl who looks like a male friend of mine who used to be a skater back in high school?

look man, it's your loss. and your buddies' too, they make fun of her, laugh at her and shit. are all 80's rempit this stupid, allthough i'm quite glad rempit nowadays are of better taste, no matter how ugly they are they go for really cute chicks.

now if i was in this movie, i would learn b-boy just so i could see her cute face beam across the school. wearing her lovely white dress, with her lovely blown up hair. mm. i would date her, if she was lesbian, i would cross-dress just so i could date her. i don't wanna get into her pants, i wanna see her face everyday and get to squeeze it. i wanna squeeze that face mm geram i wanna pinch and wrench it till her vagina discharge start climbing up her body and get squeezed out her face like it was lemon. i wanna hug her while licking her fair skin mmmmmmmmmmm i wanna lick it till my tongue go white.

awwwwwwwwww. she's amused by what's happening in the classroom. awww look at how amused she is. she can't even keep a straight face awwwwwwwwwwwww sho kewt show cuuuuuuuuuuute kuci kuci kuci. i will learn to be funny just so i could amuse her and get her uncomfortable and unable to keep from smiling and sho cute. aww.

if you see the above two pics in the film or moving whatever, you will see how everyone is cracking up while she's just so you know, so calm but unable to control how amused she is, mm she must be blushing inside very blushy blushy sho kewt, her nipples must be pink and hard mmmmmmmmmmm. aww look at how cute her hand is, holding her face up, how cute.

awwwwwwwwwwwww she's amused again, this time next to the ugly heroine. aww how cute she is in comparison. kuci kuci kuci wanna kiss those cheeks. yes yes yes, where did the long loathful face go darling? it didn't go anywhere, that just acting, this is you, this is the real you, oh yes it is, oh yea oh yea oh yea it isss. this is you, you, you. i bet she has a shaven haven.

mm mm don't worry baby, daddy's here (although she's prolly older than mah parents). put your head on mah shouldah, don't worry bout a thang baby girl i'm a souljah. hee hee hee so cute. look at that, why is she amused again? maybe cause she caught a glimpse of how ugly the heroine's t-shirt is, or how corny the hair is. ugh, she's ugly and corny, not like you, you're cute, shoooooooooooooooo cute.

now.. let's get back to after the breakdance scene.
what? what the fuck roy? and remy (the sidekick, rosyam nor) too? you faggots got beef with ma girl yo? you faggots wanna fight essei? you putos, you mess wif mah girl, you mess wif me, esei, pinche mamon? you wanna dance? you wanna dance? i know a tune called stick and cuuuuuuuut, essei, huh? huh? huh? grgkh (pissed). fucking mullet ass gay vest wearing pendejo. i make you pay essei. don't mess with mi corazon. grgkh.

grkh. fuck.

you know what bitch, if you read this blog faizal hussein?, i'm gonna rub it in. your loss homie, your scrambler riding ass' loss. your faggot ass' loss puto. you think you cool, you think you can push my love around like that? i'll show what you missed puto. she's even cute WHILE she's pulling that loathing face. ptuih, fuck you pendejo.
she wants me

yeah exactly, 'who the fuck are you?', you ain't shit to her roy, but me? me? me? me? me homie? me? i'm the shiznit (that word hasn't existed yet back in the 80's i'm sure but if it has existed that's what i would be to her).

aww look at that she's chasing. i wish it was me she's chasing, i'd pretend to run, then stop and hug her to halt her run. even when she's running she's cute, she's like pamela anderson but cutie version, as opposed to titty version. her cuteness is boinking up and down, so is my heart. mm. mwahs.

^ that's what i call the 'hmph' face. her hmph face is shoooooooooooooooooooo cute.

mmmmmmmmmmmmm. i'm overdosed on her cuteness.

hmh. i guess all good things must come to an end. that's it for today's tribute.

btw, shoutouts to the sexy teacher:
which one?



still she ain't nuthin', just a fuck buddy. but liza burung antu da cuteness? mmmmmmmmmmmmm. i wanna grow old with her (actually penyangak, she's already old). fuck you words in brackets.


okay, that's enough cuteness for today, i think i've used up the entire year's supply of cuteness witnessing. but don't worry girls, if you're cute enough i'da still check you out, allthough i might look tired, that's the aftermath of my last overdose of liza burung antu. okay she might look like an owl a bit i can see where that nickname came from, but a cute owl. mm cute owl.

anyone looking like her cuteness (back in the 80's of course) my number is 012 something something something. have a nice day thanks babai.

last minute ps: you have to understand the fascination with this cutie. throughout the years, since the fucking 80's BITCH has been stamped on her character. i've never paid attention to her, she's just a stereotype and you take it as it is. the hero's the hero, and the heroine's the heroine. but after seeing glances of her sweetness when she's not being a bitch, when she thinks no one else is looking, i was like WHAT THE FUCK, is that her? wow. it's like when she turns on bitch mode she's a bitch, but when it's off she's the sweetest thing evva in this movie. it's irony that generates goosebumps. how how how so cute. gamers would call this a glitch, or maybe an easter egg. so fucking cute. argh. i need a female companion.


The Rhymeweaver said...

where the fuck did you find those screenshots dawg that's way retro

green apple said...

eh, aku pun bitch tau.

A. Aini said...

eh did you just get a fresh batch of hormones?

but true, she's definitely way cuter than the rest, definitely cuter than the heroine. even with that bib on her dress.

okishimashuji said...

ko taknak pulak review kakak mcd tu.

penyangak said...

aku capture ah sindri.

yeke epal hijau. baru ku taau.

eh aku muda lagi anarki in da aini, memang hormon baru masuk lalz.

err, kenapa aku kena review kakak mcd again? dia tak cute, dia stoned je.