Friday, July 18, 2008

some shit i've watched

a UK channel four tv series. not so bad. it's no Peep Show (well to be fair it came before peep show) but ya know, it's not bad. i hate those clever gimmicky things they always do like you know manicky imaginary shit going which is sooo 2001, and this show was from 2001 anyway so anyway who cares, it wasn't bad, i enjoyed some of the humour and characters.

Central Do Brasil (Central Station)
a classic brazilian film about a (mild) conwoman, and a street-ridden kid. it was okay, you know, i guess when it comes to brazilian films, my heart belongs to the favelas (cidade de deus, tropa de elite, cidade dos homens, etc), which might explain why i didn't enjoy this one, and pixote (which is a classic) as much as those three mentioned. there's just something about squatters on mountains next to the ocean so appealing on a level that i can't decide on because i started with there's just something which meant i don't really have a grasp on what the fuck i am trying to explain right now. krugh. lalz.

In Bruges
nice irish comedy/gangster shit. atmosphere might seem a little dark, the comedy definitely on an 'inappropriate' level, like a lotta light-hearted what the fuck situations, like, what the fuck penyangak? i don't even know what i'm saying but i thought it was funny like what the fuck haha, nice one. it's about two irish assassins sent to bruges to stay low for a while, who? what? why? watch. and it must be a trademark for most british gangster/crime flicks to have beautiful colour corrections.

La Mujer De Mi Hermano
a mexican film about beautiful rich fuck houses and a beautiful confused wife. i need to stress 'beautiful confused wife'. i need to re-stress 'BEAUTIFUL confused wife. cause she's fine as fuck. it's about a beautiful ass fucking gloriously gorgeous hot cute fuck beautiful divine ass fucking good looking married chick who's confused. if only it was i who just happened to be at the right place right time in the midst of her confusion. argkh. other than that, nothing much to shout about other than the great colours, filmography, and the title's similarity to mis 3 hermanas. mm mis 3 hermanas, mm ROXANA DIAZ.

mm ROXANA DIAZ. (i'll post pics of the chick from the movie which is more appropriate later cos i gotta run off to work in a while, yeah i wrote this right after finishing the whole entry and realizing i need more pics up in this bitch, latah).

i normally think sci-fis are corny, but this wasn't bad. ehh it was aight.

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
it was aight. quite funny. prefer the first one.

Secuestro Express
pretty good venezuelan movie (why am i watching a lotta south american flicks? causa the hot chicks of course why else you clueless cunt) about abduction of rich fucks by fucky fucks from ghettos which is something normal in poor south america. interesting. i think mosta the thugs were played by rappers, one of them wore the same shoes as this one shoe i have. and no i have never abducted anyone. no i don't have a gun. and yes the similarity starts and ends with the shoes. one of the most fucked up scene was when one of the thugs accompanied one of the abductees to the atm and the abductee got abducted by another criminal and a really ironic situation ensued. and it's pretty fucked up that the american english dictionary spell check is red-lining abductee which exists in british ones, well fuck you bush.

The Prestige
quite nice film about magicians, and magic, and shit. and both of me was in it. penyangak bale AND penyangak jackman.

Wild Zero

did i say badass?
(of course you already did you cliched fat fuck)

some things i learnt from this movie:
  • always comb your hair after doing something like shooting zombies or while your band leader is shooting zombies or killing them with magic guitar picks or whatevah.

  • always carry a guitar on your back while helping out a fellow rock n roller fend away zombies. and on that note, always carry a katana in your guitar but use it only once per movie.

  • whenever you're in a high-storey building and the bad guy shoots a missile towards the exact room you're in, always jump through the window from the explosion while shouting LOCK N LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

  • more cool shit.

  • muthafuckah.

classic 60's british movie which sparked the rise of the psycho badassery that is malcolm mcdowell and some even say, punk! the gist of the film is the conclusion of it so i can't say much other than that it's about a british boarding school, crazy ass malcolm mcdowell. some of his pawns. and some random chick they found in a cafe (or a dream?).

some malay movie from that dude who did cinta? cinta wasn't bad. this one was like, okay if you feel like watching a 2-hour long music video of a sappy ass malay love song, you can gladly watch this. other than that, nothing else except maybe a bit of afdlin shauki humour, fapping to oldies like nasha aziz and vanida imran (mmm vanida imran in baju kurung mm fap fap fap), and some other shit. btw, i watched this in the cinema. come on laugh at me now, i will not take it personally or grab my axe. oh and i remembered that ve dude destroying ikhlas tapi jauh for some ost, now he's doing it to that rossa aku bukan untukmu song (which was beautifully sung by her). wow, notorious. what i meant was, WHEN THE FUCK WILL THIS ASSFUCKERY END!?!! ARGKH.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army
it was aight. just like the first one. nice designs. not much of a darky gothicy fairy taily kinda guy but i can appreciate the designs still. nahmeen.

Anwar vs. Shabery Debate (about lowering fuel prices)
LOL aka LALZ aka wauhkgehagheaukhukga. a nice widely hyped and televised guide to the umno way of responding to the opposition's oppositioning. rule number one, never address any type of enquiries directly cause if you try to you will look like a shit cause everybody knows those enquiries refer to the obvious fuck ups of the party that owns you. rule number two, always refer to irrelevant personal or ridiculously sensationalized issues. rule number three, try your best to look like a benign cyst compared to the opposition representative. rule number four, make sure next morning the mainstream newspapers project clearly that you were the opposite of the benign cyst that you actually were, exaggeration of a non-existent success in fending off opposition attack is a bonus. and other cunty rules, of course.

fuck you.


thinker bell said...

penyangak, can u lend me those movies? all before hellboy? particularly with malcolm macdowell tu. i think he rocks la.

have u watched gangster no.1? and clockwork orange, dia jugak kan?
hot superduper. err. i mean, totally psychotic.

penyangak said...

it's all in mah harddisk yaknow i can burn if ya want.

oh yeh i've watched those, clockwork orange is one of mah favs evva. also remember caligula? wauhkgehahukga he's crazy. and who knew he was like this ever since he was young. there's also a sequel to if... i haven't checked out yet. malcolm mcdowell is one of my heroes (no pun intended cause fuck heroes the tv series it sucks wahukgkeauga)

thinker bell said...

gosh, i never knew of caligula until u mention it.

saya nak sumenye!! hehe. if u dont mind burning it on the cd that is.

terima kasih!

Pourpres~ said...


Pourpres~ said...

baru bace entry ni betol2. Roxana Diaz is a role model bitch in Mis Tres. THE awsum. MORE of her in next entries weyh. hehe

penyangak said...

caligula tengok nak tengok perems bugil je. tak tahu kau suka mctowel thinker bell. aku leh burn, tapi kalau aku burn camna aku nak kasi gila, kau siapa doh.

eh sori sket sangat penyangak bale okkeh. haha aku rasa cam pernah gak tulis pasal roxana diaz dulu tapi takpe ah. aku gilakan dia dulu. wow. hmph. roxana diaz mmmmmmmmmmm.

thinker bell said...

eh penyangak, tu tak susah. email2 la dulu. nanti u knal la i yg mana satu. u know what, hanye melalui pembacaan blog u, i dah usya u kat frenster dah . heheh. so am sure u could do the same. anyways, am serious about those movies.

i'll find a way to fix a date. leave your email :D