Wednesday, July 16, 2008

omar little (from the wire) vs. some government pawn (malaysian fuel price debate)

me, you and everybody else tuned in last night to watch a high profile political debate between PKR advisor Anwar and Information Minister Shabery.

okay i didn't tune in but i watched it on youtube whilst the dude was uploading it one by one at 3 or so AM. lalz.

it was fun.

anwar previously in his speeches had asked for the PM or the DPM or both. there are two reasons for this, one, they would be worse contests than shabery, two, anwar wants to totally and severely embarrass the government, and this was the best way. cunning? for sho', he's a politician you know how they roll. however he didn't get his wish granted.

instead he got shabery who is a g00t speaker, it's just that his content was typical umno propaganda. i was expecting anwar to play the 'personal attack' too since that was all shabery could resort to and that's what oppositions like to do (kutuk kerajaan) but he calmly avoided wasting his time dwelling on it. instead (like the 'semangat 46' part) he would just calmly respond with slight but fatal swipes then continue with the more relevant content which effectively made shabery look like a fool.

i don't even know if anwar made sense with his explanation of how to increase subsidy. and i can't blame shabery for not being able to keep up with anwar (and constantly getting the flaw of his so-called facts pointed out by anwar), he's only a minister of information. but from someone watching this as just a debate, shabery was out of order, no matter how well spoken he was.

was there any need for irrelevant personal attacks and umno propagandas (who really gives a fuck who anwar was in the past whatever it was). those took nearly more than half of his speech. he didn't even answer most of the questions. while anwar did explain about why only 50 cents which to me was the main question that was even repeated two times by shabery. to me the opposition promised to lower fuel prices, they didn't say what the lowered price was (this is my imitation of how girls like to manipulate the truth lalz, i'm not even sure if the opposition ever did specify a price, fuck i know fuck i care), the government promised NOT to raise prices, a promise fundamentally broken without a doubt just a coupla months after the election (and we're still voting for them because?). i didn't think shabery was even bothered with any form of questions like the one from the guy whose questions you were supposed to answer in one whole round.

instead, what we acquired from him was more knowledge about what anwar did in '74 (i wonder if he listened to led zeppelin back in the days, enlighten us in the next debate plz mr. shabery?) , something something imf, something something who gives a fuck.

haha what a funny. it was disgusting, but at least shabery can really speak unlike that dude who caused the unplanned assassination of the malaysian people's image (so we're broken englished thugs now?). i'd say nice try by shabery, i don't even blame you for your content cause i'm pretty sure you're being forced to do it, i'm pretty sure you're an intelligent man, insaflah and you can join my upcoming new political party as one of our speakers (we'll provide the speech). PENYANGAK PARTY or was it PELANCHAU PARTY? can't really remember, both AWESOME-O names nonetheless.

and uh here's the twist (or not), i don't really agree that much with anwar's obsession towards increasing fuel subsidy anyway. okay maybe we could decrease the prices a little bit in line with the fact that we're exporters, maybe about 50 cents as suggested by anwar for an early step is enough, but no more than that (as anwar has promised), to me that's going a little too extreme considering oil is not a permanent asset and this is not a solution that i think is viable in the long run (although what the fuck would i know, the dude was our finance minister).

we should consider focusing more on expanding the alternatives. like whatever and whatever and whatever. like nik aziz said. i mean not all of us want to speed on the highways, some of us just want to get from point a to point b and then point c to point c and then an option of either point d, e, or back to point a or b, or just driving around and around point c, you know?

our salaries are not really high, the government don't seem to understand this. they need to figure out a balance between the country's financial state, the people's spending power, and the prices of shit. aight? it's as simple as that. we're not gonna go against them because of oil or other petty shit, it's because of their management of this country. we all know they corrupt as fuck, this is not a rumour, this is a fucking rule, if you dealing with the government one of the things you have to deal with is 'paham-paham jelah' or 'biasa ah tuh' (i don't know how to translate this phrase, help english maestros, pourpres?). it's not a speculation, it's tradition.

can i has sum change plz?

don't matter who. and don't worry peoples, parti penyangak (or pelanchau) is coming soon to a 7E near you. yeah bitches we operate 24/7 and we taking over this country with public enemy music (and a bit of wu tang here and there, maybe in debates, like they would say but why this and that and we cut 'em off and be like stfu PARTY PENYANGAK (OR PELANCHAU) AIN'T NUTHIN' TAH FUCK WIT! KONICHIWA BITCHES). muthafuckah.

(start watching the debates here)


Pourpres~ said...

I wanna be the advisor, but we won't do duit kopi, and I'll whack you in the head when you're gonna do something you promised you won't.

The people who backs Govt up keeps on saying to me, they HAVE to increase the fuel prices. I retort with, first don't lie about it months before the election. Then work your way at balancing things. harapkan logo parti dacing je but tak reti balancing act. You can't have living expenses blatantly increased without increasing income jugak. Compare reger minyak kita ngan Singapore watpe, biarlah minyak dieorg mahal pon, their income are way higher. Compare ngan Thailand watpe, biar la reger dia mahal dia byr road tax skali seumur hidup and takde tol. Ah pindah Brunei ar gini. Brunei takde tax kan?

Banyak Songeh said...

Parti Pelanchau sounds cool. Heh!

penyangak said...

i won't promise nothing. i will get shit done before people even start to think about it. cause i'm the best leader there is, the best leader there was, and the best leader there ever will be lol pinjam ayat bret hart.

yeah since we're oil exporters we're not too affected by international fuel prices infact we'll get more profit out of it. there's nothing wrong with increasing the price of fuel but (1) the govt promised they won't, (2) that fucking hike was way too much (3) the fact that the govt is corrupt as fuck gives us a reason to suspect that they must've been mismanaging the fucking economy those fucking cunts. argh.

haha. party aku mesti ah cool doh. kalau aku bagi nama parti ikan bawal pun cool doh. dah aku cool, nak buat ape doh.