Monday, July 07, 2008

i'll never say goodbye, never never could, you know i never would

reading too much into things. paranoid. bells are ringing but bells are not ringing cause nobody rung the bell, i know this because i went down and opened the door when i thought the bells were ringing. the bells are ringing again. is that the phone ringing, no it's not because i have no phone. what's that noise? oh yeah, it's called the night. what's that ringing again? that's your head tilt it a little bit the paranoia might heal, are there any pills for this and no i'm not high. anybody want me to buy them on facebook? say so, drop your facebook here. not hungry but i feel like eating, not horny but i feel like wanking, need to piss but i'm holding it in. can't hold it anymore so i go piss now brb. i'm back. play cod4 and piss people off, sometimes i get pissed as well, i shouldn't, but i'm just not matured enough to realize this. is that the bells? no it's not. am i gonna wake up in the middle of pitch blackness sweating looking at the ufo through the windows, again. am i going to have a good drive in an empty neighbourhood while aliens are on their way here to wage war. wage war against humans or certain humans? cause i will be on their side against certain humans. sodomy is the talk of the town, the whole town is talking about sodomy, but sodomy is still a lonely being. you can have both legal and illegal powers in here if you join the right political party. there will be no revolution without the help of alien forces, preferably ones that look like us so we could laugh at the idiots who thought aliens looked like.. aliens.

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