Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i'm tired of this bullshit

back in school whenever we had to write essays about how to end this or that for example how to end drugs and shit like that, we always had to use a few so-called standard pointers. you know, shit like do campaigns, education from parents and teachers and whatnot.

little did we know that the only solution is to cut the fucking supply.

if we cut the fucking supply, enforce fucking laws, make policemen wear judge dread costumes and uphold the law at every inch of this country, there will be no more misuse of drugs.

it's really that simple.

so with this political turmoil malaysia is heavily facing day-in day-out.

the only solution is to kill all these fuckers.

no second thoughts.

no dilemma. wait, there is a dilemma, the only one, being, err, what to use? ak-47s? rpgs? c4? (for a little touch of vengeful irony), sniper rifles? well it's not so much a dilemma as it is a drool inducing luxury. kinda like having to choose which one to fuck: jessica alba, vivica fox, shandy aulia, or scarlett johannson.

might as well just have a fucking orgy. shoot the fucker with ya ak, he falls. step a little backward, blast the cunt with ya rpg. if the body's still intact, bomb that shithead with ya c4. and just fer fun. go drive a few kilometres, get on top of a high rise tower, and shoot that bitch (whatever remains) with a sniper rifle.

enough. everything's done and dusted. genocide is the solution to our problems.

now boys and girls, we have the whole country to ourselves. fuck those greedy malay, chinese, indian and whatever other fucked race assholes. we are now raceless. who wants to fuck me, let's fuck each other and build a new country based on one race. we call this race, penyangak.

again, fuck you.

i hate all you fuckers. all you corrupt fucking two-faced cunts.

why do i care. i don't know. i decided not too care halfway between my reformasi days and now. succesfully too. but it's all too fucked up not too care. it's reaching an annoyance level no one could stand.

this country is ruled by shitheads. and i don't see any hope coming from anywhere too. so let's just destroy and rebuild.

all this aggression and anger i have right now, exist solely because i haven't had my morning wank yet.

where did i put that amateur anal video i just downloaded again.

oh yeah there it is ok byez.

(btol aku baru tambah gambar nih, and readers if any should be glad to know that i do possess the ability to post RELATED pics once in a while, but still, fuck you).


Pourpres~ said...

scarlett johansson win hands down!

Pourpres~ said...

scarlett johansson win hands down!

penyangak said...

sayang daddy tak chick is nice too