Tuesday, July 22, 2008

sank into the chair

today, i meant yesterday afternoon. i went on a date. with someone who i usually only have sex with (strictly fucking). mad sex, day and night, countless times. today i was like, yo, we need to go to a movie together, like normal everyday couples.

so after tiring ourselves out, eating, we went to watch the dark knight. special day so we watched it together at the platinum cinema. comfy ass reclinable seats. we didn't even touch each other, we stuck to ourselves and paid attention to penyangak bale, penyangak ledger, and penyangak oldman. they didn't dissapoint! IT WAS DOPE AS FUCK!

btw, 'we' is me and my lovely hands.


okishimashuji said...

hang nih takdak keja lain ka!


penyangak said...

kau orang utara ke. asal guna hang. mana leh guna hang kalau bukan orang utara atau tengah cakap dengan orang utara.