Thursday, July 24, 2008

kill your learning

having moved a lot ever since you were a child could force you to slowly develop a defense mechanism.

it deters your ability to get too close to anyone at all. there's a limit to any friendship that you develop. any relationship that has the potential to elevate into best friend status will suffer an anti-climax. the only friend you stay in touch with is those on the internet because the internet will forever be your neighborhood no matter where you are physically. but this itself is no guarantee of any form of permanency because even the internet has addresses.

forget about homies. you will have no homies. even if you've stayed somewhere for more than 5 years and has developed a camaraderie with nearly every rudebwoi in the area who you think you could call your homies. wrong, next thing you know you're in a alien place, not alienated, but everyone there is definitely alien. and you have to fit in again, make new friends.

that is why later on in your life you realize you can't get really close to anyone at all. you have friends you've known since forever, but you don't even know what's his/her's favorite color.

your subconscious has put a limit to all your intimacies, if it even reaches that.

like everything, this has its pros and cons. you might feel less human, but humans hurt, and it wouldn't hurt to avoid some of the agony.

however. howevah. howevuh. now you are sitting here, stationary. for a few years, and counting, you will be static here, maybe forever. yet again, you have to fit in, adapt, adjust. but this time, to something that will most probably make you never have to fit in, adapt, or adjust, ever again. until heaven's big ass doors start to suck you in of course.

but i'm pretty sure it won't be too hard to adapt to rivers of beer and naked fairies. mm.

why do breasts, ass, and vagina fascinate men so much?

beats me, that's just how God (or chance for you godless heathens) created us. and i'm thankful for it. additionally, it's not just those three. i have a fascination for backs too. and a bit for others. everything about a woman is fascinating. except for her pms of course, that's not fascinating, that's procrastinating, procrastinate the date. know whok ammeen.

not all men have this fascination over women, some of us are fairies, butterflies, pinkytoes, butt sniffers, if you know whok ammeen.

unfortunately for you asspeditioners, i'm more into the sit, sweat and curse routine, i am all that is men, for women. i'm sorry.

i bought this big plastic bag of cotton buds.

did i tell you The Dark Knight was dope? haha it was. superbly awesome, dood. i know, i know, it was overhyped. that would make it harder to like right? you will be like, i'm gonna see if this shit is really good. like if someone was about to introduce you to a chick, and that someone is like 'yo yo this chick is fucking fine, perfect, marrrrrrrrrrrrvelous'. so once you get to meet her, you be like checking her out top to bottom, every fucking fine detail, like moles and skin contour and shit. you know? she will be under the fucking spotlight. this is not just any spotlight, this is the 'fucking' spotlight. like the ending credits of that mr. bean tv series.

and you know what, it was the first time i watched anything at a luxury cinema. truthfully i haven't found any movie deserving of it. i thought TDK was, so i went for it. why? cause i liked Batman Begins. Batman Returns was one of my favourite movie ever as a kid, and i thought Batman Begins was nearly as or as good as it. i mean the whole purist (bullshit) loyalty to tim burton (or anything older than anything else) bullshit did arise at first from the vile repugnant abyss of geekery, but once i've watched that shit properly i just thought to myself, that was pretty good. and since TDK was touted to be an elevation from that, i guess it was worthy of my 25 bucks. what? 25 bucks? yeah i thought it was quite cheap for those comfy reclinable seats and the phantasm of luxury before you walk out to the over populated sticky reality.

i enjoyed that shit, for real. i love pop corn movies, but i hate movies that are too obvious in assuming that you're a dumbshit (hey i'm not that intelligent (intelligence is for douchebags lalz) but i'm not that simple either). TDK achieved a balance. with beautiful action, good acting, and good dialogues. if they just put a few frames of jessica alba naked and not saying a thing it would (albeit through a facile method) be the pitch perfect masterpiece it deserves to be.

plus it had 4 (3 since Batman Begins though) actors that i admire, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Christian Bale, and the late Heath Ledger (anything to do with all of them having some kind of british roots? fuck you australia is british, with reject ancestors) (special shoutouts to Morgan Freeman and that dude that played that dude that ended with the terminator on half of his face). with that you have two certified legendary british badasses Caine and Oldman, and two upcoming acting legends Bale and Ledger. pity Ledger left the world, way too early, but not at a bad time.

leave while you're on top they say, and how else can you describe the joker in this one? super fucking magnilously (i don't think this word exist) fucking megalomoamcna (neither does this one, quite obviously) naked babe on a stick (this term does exist, believe it or not). he was ill as shit. to me, TDK was about joker, but the ending was all Batman (gotta defend mah welsh brotha).

i could end this entry better but right now, i really really really have to take a shit. like dude, really.

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