Sunday, March 23, 2008

what have I watched lately

I finally mustered enough courage to finish this one. Actually, if you blank out during the forced dialogues, it's not too bad. And she's pretty cute too. I mean despite the unnatural uncalled for unfunny but she probably think she is - wit which when undressed from her would reveal the true cuteness, yeah despite that.

If you could avoid having homicidal urges caused by the pretentious dialogue, pretentious background music (except for the matt the hoople all the young dudes part), I think there's a high chance of survival watching it. I mean like I said earlier, it's not too bad, there's like the gay nazi dude from OZ who's incidentally Juno's dad and miraculously but fittingly has a lotta witty one-liners that sounds a bit less-scripted than his daughter. There's that dude who listens to Sonic Youth and thinks the 90's was the best time for rock, who will geek out with Juno and what annoyance. When Juno mentioned Stooges as one of her fav bands, it reminded me of when Marissa of The OC said she liked Ramones or something. Why oh why. Oh why. You are so convincing dear vagis. There's that dude from Superbad who's blurriness is not as funny as it was.

The point is, if I ductape Juno's mouth and thrash onions on her eyes, I'd hit it furiously.. dude.

BTW, what is it with that chick who sings half-speech on half-assed acoustic guitars with oh-i'm-sooo-random lyrics on background music. Man shut tha fuck up.

99.9% of indie music made in our time needs to die. Bring back The Gloozebonkers, they'll serve all these indie fucks and show 'em how it's done propah. Fuhreel.

And Juno, I think only the British people could do the whole long sentence wit overkill thingy. Kay? Kayyy.

Brassed Off
Dope. Pretty dope. 90's movie. It's about a brass band in a small mining town in England who are about to be fucked cause they're closing down the fucking mine. I thought it was a comedy at first seeing as that's how they marketed it. But it's more drama, with a little bit of humour and romance. But it's all good cause it's dope. The characters and all that shit you know. Nice music too. I mean. Yeah. Obi Wan Kenobi's in it you know. Oh and that old dude who you see in nearly every Brit flick. Fuck it everyone's goot in this one. Even the old ladies, they're funny too.

Cidade Dos Homens (City of Men)
City of Men is the series which is an unrelated spinoff off the classic City of God sharing the same makers and actors. This is the movie. I haven't watched the series yet. The movie is not bad, it ain't no City of God, but still, it's not bad.

Freaks & Geeks
Watched it at last. Pretty dope! Well I haven't finished the whole season but yeah it's pretty dope. The girl is cute. Seth Rogen is dope, as is his geek version clone, what's that dude with the big glasses' name. I was a bit skeptical at first since I didn't think a series about geeks or freaks could not be cliche and shit, and I thought it was gonna be some strange shit. But as I'm me and I love formulas and high school flicks and this is a simple endearing formulaic high school series, you kno, yea. Yeah I lovez high school flicks, next to romantic comedies and comedies in general. You know, not kidding, I'm simple. Erm, thinking about it, it's good that it's set in the early 80's, the freaks are just basically mustang-driving class-skipping led zeppelin fanboys, the geeks are star wars and partly star trek nerds. I mean imagine if it was set in lyke now, the freaks would be emo and indie faggots, ergh. The geeks would be like, I dunno, what's geeky nowadays, I have no idea.

Sorry movie god, I haven't gathered enough attention span yet to finish No Country For Old Men.


the alia said...

marissa cooper (rip) liked stiff little fingers btw

/end menyangak

penyangak said...

aight, punk also. and that would make it way more 'believable' too. wat the eff she's r.i.p. now?

the alia said...

she died in a car crash, 3rd season. huge reason why show was canned after 4th season.

(yes i love my oc, huhuhuhu)

ps - dexter dah tengok?

penyangak said...

thank you for spoiling it for me

i haven't watched 3rd season.

j/k not guna wac it got tired after 2nd season. they should've just put in a hot chick though could actually boost the show even more, i mean marissa or melissa or manissa what was it, she was ugleeeeeeeeeeeee.

i've seen dexter, loved it, but uh i haven't seen the second season lalz. maybe i should right. and no spoilers aight! or i'll kill you and keep your blood in my small box.

the alia said...

ish tak cakap takmau spoilerz. and yes marissa, she looked like a horsey.

DEXTER BEST NAK MAMPUS. like, no pun intended. i marathon-watched the 2nd season; think i held my breath the entire time. fuck. gila sial.