Friday, March 07, 2008

pie water

Have you seen this particular ad on billboards? |-|-water. |-| = pie. You know that shit you learn in mathematics back in school, or was it physics, ah whatever.

Apparently there's all kinds of plain water, some time ago oxygen water was hanging around the house which I checked out for a while cause I was too lazy to refill plain water in the fridge. Now we have pie water, or it's always been there and only now have I seen the billboard. Not that I have any problems with these plain water tampering businesses.

But for this pie water, this is the catchphrase written on the billboard:

"most similar to your body fluid"

This may or may not be a glitch in the quality of the product. But it's definitely a glitch in marketing.

Which body fluid are you talking about exactly?

It is true that if the water you drink is more similar to the water in your boday it could assimilate easier and is good for your health. I just have a problem with how this catchphrase is worded. Haha.

Cause everytime "body" and "fluid" are put together, the first thing I think about is vaginal discharge. Oh so heavenly.

The second thing is probably sweat.

The third thing is obviously, cum.

The fourth thing is saliva.

The fifth, blood maybe.

The sixth, vaginal discharge of a different density? Wakgkeakhugea.

The seventh, mmm moar vaginal discharge.

Squirt squirt squirt.

So, take your pick pie water drinkers.

Mmm vaginal discharge. MMMMMMMMMMMM.

Shit, now that I think about it. I GOTTA GET this pie water.

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