Wednesday, March 12, 2008

jumper and malay dudes in handphone porns

Jumper. What a buncha bull. You can tell there's little to no effort taken to make this movie an actual movie. It's just a silicone money tit. Had a nice concept and all. But it's a hundred point one percent bullshit.

Ain't that that Anakin dude? He's got a lot of work to do to atone for the Star Wars bullshit. Either that or he doesn't give a fuck, infact he's carrying on some kind of trademark from that wreck. Like he would be the guy who's supposed to be the good guy but you just feel like deserves a bit of beating more than once in a short while. Like wtf. How does he makes hating a good guy so easy? Oh fuck well.

Don't you just feel like smudging that smug face with burnt coal and rubber. I don't know. Fuck.

And don't every male in this world wanna be Malay? Being an experienced amateur Malay handphone porn audience, I know the pattern. Every clip would usually start with the Malay talking with his dick to a chick who will somehow proceed to suck it for about, what? 5 hours? And only after that will the fucking starts, and guess what, most of the time it's uh.. WOT, woman on top, cowboy. So basically, throughout the porn, the only sweat the dude is gonna excrete.. is in his cum. He's basically just loungin' throughout that shit. Getting blowjobs and chicks riding on him. If that ain't bronsonish macho I don't know what is.

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