Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mahathir is the messiah?

Any'a you dudes checked this out?

Damn. Haha.

I always thought dude was a genius and all that, but very evil.

But now he looks like wtf, what happened to him, is he good now? Fuhreel?


This is like that moment when Darth Vader's mask was opened and we see his kind eyes, except this time big daddy black ain't about to pop off.

I'm gonna rekindle my 13-years-of-age victim-of-government-propaganda-in-school-lessons admiration of him.

For sho'.


BragBox said...

Alaah weh, dier gurau ahh Haq.
Dier deny semua konspirasi teori yg org tuduh kat dier pun, people will still blame him for that gek. So better dier cakap iyer jer!
Joke dier yg jenis camni dah lamer dier bikin dah.
Maklum ahhh, umur dah 83 maaaa.


Time tu dier bagi speech kat Kelab Darul Ehsan (KDE).
Ada 10 part speech tu kat youtube.
Check user "promahathir" nak dgr ceramah penuh dier.

penyangak said...

muka dia dah baik