Sunday, March 30, 2008

spiderman 3

Took some time out to watch this shit. I delayed watching spiderman 2 too. I learnt the lesson after watching the first one in the cinema and walking out going what the fuck was that emo bullshit.

And how the fuck does spidey has a double chin bigger than mine. Ergh.

And just like my all-time favourite similie, The O.C., the spiderman series has two leading casts that we don't really need to give a fuck about. They suck.

And how the fuck are you gonna let Eric and James Franco get some screen time and then kill them off.

They should've renamed this movie to THE ASSASINATION OF ERIC (who should've been Peter Parker) AND JAMES FRANCO.

How the fuck is changing your hairstyle to some gay shit evil?

If you haven't watched spidey 3 yet, when he gets that venom shit and supposedly turns black and evil, peter parker will sport a stupid emo haircut. Emo is not evil. Emo is emo. He should've sported that haircut regardless causa all his stupid emo bullshit.

Plus the ending scene when Mary Jane sang. I can relate to HER FUCKING CRITICS IN THE NEWSPAPERS. She sucks. Ergh.

The only good dialogue in the whole movie was when James Franco went "what are you gonna do huh?".

Let's build from that and make some plot amendments.

After uttering that. James Franco kicks Peter's ass and goes SYYKKKE like Dave Chapelle.

He then high fives Venom.

They imprison spidey with Mary Jane and force Mary to sing 24/7 until spidey admits that she sucks instead of flashing that annoying smug smile and telling her that she doesn't.

And then James Franco and Eric and Mary jane have a threesome.

The sandman fucks off and is now residing in Port Dickson where he is helping the mayor reclaim the only little piece of beach left for public leisure after most of it has been taken by unfinished hotel projects. Fucking scum.

Eric then takes over as SPIDERMAN!

and James Franco will make a hybrid of the goblin and venom.

Venom on back to the future skates!


surf's up dewd!

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