Sunday, March 09, 2008

spawns of lucifer get kicked in the nuts

Lucifer must be really pissed off. You are not corrupt enough dear spawns. Your cheating schemes are too weak, you lost 5 fucking states.

Mah hardcore opposition moms said 'padan muka' to me cause the area I was a slave to the spawns of lucifer for lost and hence no bonus for me.

Mah pops basically experienced the same shit I did before shit hit the fan. Despite the fact that he was a strong reformator during those reformasi days, and nearly all of his good friends running for seats in the opposition, he was a bit skeptical. But restored full support mode after watching Sivaji The Boss' speeches.

Yesterday was tired as fuck but it was really fun.

The only downside was the area I worked in was mostly really cool dudes, so there was no fights. Plus the opposition's hotspot was far away and pretty much had nothing going on.

I really did wanna see some anarchy going on.

I heard some crazy shit went on in Terengganu. Dudes tryna stop dem spawns of lucifer's phantoms and shit.

But whatever.

Today is Sunday. And it is a good day. The weather is cool. Might rain later. But it's a peaceful Sunday.

Told mah moms if those 5 states are taken care of nicely I'll start voting. Especially now that it's evident the spawns of lucifer's cheating methods are not working very well and voting actually has an effect. They don't need to pay me too. Well hmm, maybe they should though.

This is the song to layan special for today.

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