Friday, March 07, 2008

more on elections, politics, and shit

It's gonna be around 5 hours before election work starts, and I'm gonna be werkin' my ass off for the spawns of lucifer.

And get paid really well.

Before I continue more on general election politics. Let me just say, if you're in Kelana Jaya, you have no excuse to vote for anyone other than the Parti Keadilan Rakyat candidate. Have you seen dude's poster? It's fucking badass as fuck, reminds me of Hong Kong gangster movies. It is so up in the sky badass dude had to sling a camera over his shoulders just so he won't look too badass and a bit more human. In other words, he had to gayefy himself a little bit, if not he would've looked completely like a brutal accountant of a triad/yakuza organization who carries 2 katanas in his car boot. With the camera added, he is but merely a regular man who loves to take pictures but resembles a brutal accountant of a triad/yakuza organization who carries 2 katanas in his car boot.

I wasn't able to document this with pics since I was driving at the time, plus even if I wasn't I was too in sheer awe and was partly immobilized. But here is a re-sketching of what it kinda looked like. He even had some boss looking dude behind him.

Yes ladies and gentlemen that camera really does look out of place but I understand it's marketing, he can't look too gangsta.

I have to admit these PKR posters are quite nicely done. I have been downplaying election posters cause I haven't seen them too often as PKR does not have the multi-billion budget of the spawns of lucifer which is too absurd. Have you seen those big ass the size of a big house billboards? I'm like wtf, we probably have the most surreal elections ever. And all the tv and radio and newspaper ads.

Still PKR has an advantage in their beautifully done posters. Have you seen the NURUL IZZAH posters? wow. She was hotter than she was when everyone of us young reformasi go-ers were stalking her. Way hotter. Some MILFs as well up in this muthafuckah.

A lot of ugly nerds on the spawns of lucifer side though. But they have money. Nerds control everything, you see. That's why I'm working for these nerds, cause as a geek, I consider nerds as the rich older brother/sister, and as the poor idealistic younger brother, I must leech as much as I could.

At the same time hoping this would be the last time I leech from them.

Now back to general election politics.

I think I have changed my mind. My advice is, vote for the opposition. I am not kidding.

I have forgotten that even though my MCGAYGAY hero Anwar Ibrahim is not contending, the dude is still campaigning his black-eyed ass off. And after watching a barrage of his speeches out of my own curiousity, I have sold my anus to him, ALL MY ANUSES ARE BELONG TO HIM. He is still dope as a muthafuckah. The opposition could consist of a football field and him. And I could still hope they win just causa his speeches.

And also cause I learned just recently that PAS won't have the power to change the country's structure even if they win all their seats. As much as some of the people I adore are in PAS - like tuan guru or Ismail Kamus who is dope. I don't think the party is good enough to run anything at all. Much less a country.

I do however have faith in MCGAYGAY a.k.a SIVAJI THE BOSS cause he has afterall helped run this country during its glorious era of development. He knows wassup he will know what to do. He didn't hike the petrol price for 8 years, and it was upped just a few months after he was ousted, suspicious?. The only potential problem is will he have the best support. Are the PKR candidates good enough, I know a lotta them could be bought easily by the spawns of lucifer, will DAP and PAS be giving their optimum support and will it be good enough. Or will they fight amongst each other. Hmm.

I don't know.

And even if lowering the oil price and making education free seems like something impossible right now to me, who knows. I am curious as fuck right now as to if it can ever be achieved. And if the promise of a corruption-free government is upheld by Sivaji The Boss, who knows what we can achieve as a country.

I am extremely curious. But it is either that or complete chaos. Is it a risk yawll should take? (I'm not voting doggz). The thing is Sivaji The Boss has went through 10 years of torture and he is still fighting for this shit when he could so easily just join the spawns of lucifer and lead a much more comfortable life but he's still fighting for this shit so there must be something going on here. I just don't trust too many people especially politicians so I don't know if the opposition can be counted on. And that we're way too comfortable under the spawns of lucifer. Are we ready to risk all the things we could get away with under them?


Btw I didn't give him the Sivaji The Boss nickname, he did it himself in his speeches. Wahuegkahukegkuhahukgea.

And I didn't realize the government media made such a big deal about dude dancing during an Indian gathering he was giving a speech for. WTF? What the fuck's wrong with that. These fucking spawns of lucifer are way too simple-headed. Yet they have an endless pit of funds that I will put my grasping hands into.

Sivaji The 'layan jambu masa sekolah' Boss VS. The dumbfuck spawns of lucifer.

We'll see tomorrow.

Anyone who will make this country a much better place and stop politicians getting 500 million dollar commisions for spending the country's money on bullshit. Just hope whoever it is don't win against the spawn of lucifer I'm working for for if my place loses I won't get BONUSES!

I'm too lazy to do so, unless if I receive some kind of payment, plus my idea of a revolution is taking over the country by force. Until we have a trusted polling system, the spawns of lucifer will always have the upperhand with their dirty shameless tactics.

Still. Like I said, the penyangak party is still on. It is still the best solution for everything that's rubbish and rotten in this hellspawn ruled country.




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