Friday, March 28, 2008

the audacity to use a term such as audacity propah or impropah

Just back from the magic mee hoon goreng dealer. Well actually most of the shit is good, the nasi lemak, some of the kuehs. Maybe causa the simplicity. Sometimes cincai mee hoon goreng can taste better than propahlee prepared ones cause we live in fast food times where junk is tastier food.

Thing is, at least two dudes were carrying 50 notes and the dealer didn't have no change. Maybe it's the eternal fiasco that is marring cash transactions everywhere, too much 50, not enough change. Or maybe it's just the audacity of these jokers. How do you expect a nasi lemak dealer opening up a stall made out of a table and a big umbrella to have change for big notes. Wtf. Want some change go to the mamak, they deal with big numbers. I even feel guilty of using big change at 7E's sometimes. One time I felt so guilty and I had no choice since I only had a 50 note, I started picking up more items so the change won't be too much. Well. Yes, maybe it IS the audacity. WTF doggs.

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