Wednesday, October 29, 2008

sheesh i forgot to put in a title again

the older you get the simpler you become and thus my music digging habit has mellowed down considerably. quiet a relief really cause if it hasn't i would sometimes spend my nights delaying sleep just to read up on music and downloading whatever i feel like, fueled by curiosity. i'd stay up till like what 5am and once all the downloads are done i'll be too knackered to even listen to 'em. if only id'a put the same effort on trying to get chicks on facebook instead, but what a pity my internet social life is as loserly lame as my real one.

it's funny how sometimes getting something means more than actually enjoying that something. how many fuckers here buy shoes and don't even wear them? that's what i'm talking about. 70% of the satisfaction comes from buying that shit innit. i'm not saying that the percentage i just gave you is statistically correct but just by using it i've sounded more convincing than i would without it, aight.

it's a blessing that what i used to collect was mostly cheap (pirated dvds or shit). still i would love to turn out rich and just buy those originals in them boxes and collect that shit, or even start collecting vinyls for that matter. fuck i would make a really cultured yuppie if only the only culture i am forever infatuated with is not slackerism.

although being a hip hopper usually means i must be infected with sneaker pimpilitis, i'm free from that. i bought a fancy sneaker once, and i used it to run and such, dudes be like "why you wearing that to do that shit?", and i was like "why buy 'em if you won't use 'em", and then dudes be like "betul jugak", which translated to english would sound like "right right!" (a clockwork orange reference) (kau ingat kau dah cukup cool ah buat a clockwork orange reference, poyo) (kau ah poyo) (kau apa susah aku poyo?) (patut aku cakap camtuh kan kat ayat pertama kau, cis) (tau takpe .. poyo) (kau apa susah aku poyo?) (hek eleh tiru ayat aku .. poyo) (kau menang ah) (aku gila kowt selalu buat dialog dengan diri sendiri) (tau takpe) (eh you sadap).

i got this fancy sneaker for free once and i used it for futsal (it's actually quite good for futsal), and whenever i kneel down looking at it i'd be like "dude, you're a fancy sneaker, you could be a model that everyone looks at and admire, instead i use you to kick balls and shit, now you dirty as fuck, you must hate me like shit", but my shoes be like "yo i don't mind yo, i was created to be all grimy and used and shit, i'm all about that dirty shit like wu tang back in the days yo, ya dun kno! props homie", and i was like stunned by his statement because it's so beautiful, i givez him a loving dap and we disappear into floodlighted artificial-turfed heaven.

cause i wear flip flops to go out. i only wear shoes on holidays and shit cause a lot of walking is involved. this is kuala lumpur son, we drive everywhere, annoyingly park everywhere, too, and we come out chased by hounds, chale homes, err takde kene ngene. anyway puh-puh-puh-plus i'm actually more of a timberland sorta guy when going out chillin' and shit. but since timberlands are expensive and shit, just gotta resort to sneakers sometimes innit blud brrrap.

hey where was i. oh yeah music. haven't been checkin' out too many new music. i dunno. shit here are a few songs i'm diggin' currently tho innit bruv brrap.

moods - grooving when we meet
fuck is this song so badass. it makes me wanna grab my chainsaw and start dancing around in the streets wearing only my kain pelikat wif mah tits jiggling and my face plastered with a permanent wide smile. god bless ugly black men with heavenly falsettos. pap pap pap pap pap pap padaaa pap pap pap pap papp! ahaks! (can't find youtube for this so for cute ladies that wanna get groovy wimme pop me ya ims and shit and we can chat and shit and i'll send you this song and shit and we hit it off and then some brrap brrap gunclap! bullet! bullet! bullet!).

the majestic arrows - the magic of your love
super soul strings and shit, the falsetto which is just another word for badassery kicks in and nothing else is needed.

don covay - i was checkin' out while she was checkin' in
just sing the title outloud in an i've-got-the-blues manner and pussy will come flying right atcha ass purring for some soulful humpin'.

solange knowles - i decided part 1
it sounds nice mawfukka. she sounds like her elder sister beyonce but has a better groove.

james ingram - one hundred ways
musicians who play for old school black r&b soul artists play the instruments with their dick. come on now the i-don't-know-what-instrument-that-is-but-it-sounds-like-sex lead is like the phrase "fuck yeah" in music.

toots & the maytals - pressure drop
i dunno whenever i listen to the rhythm of this song i think of hidraulics and when i think of hidraulics i think of humping. when i think of pressure drop i think of the pressure dropping when the dick is going back outside. argh i dunno i just love how this song sounds.

alicia keys - teenage love affair
it's sweet, mofucka.

syreeta - she's leaving home
her voice and singing sounds nice, so nice, like hot tea on a cold morning, or hot sex on a cold night, whichever, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

that's all for tonight. it's such a laidback night. like most other. the way i like it.

if only i had a chick to chat with. oh why is the mirc so not happening nowadays argkh, facebook is almost like real life where you have to have skills to get chicks and all that and also it has your face on it like argh i know my face is so good looking like insert actor's name but you know it's just that it's an acquired taste LALZ. peace out homes.

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