Wednesday, October 15, 2008

hobi menyimpan bende-bende yang tak patut disimpan


why do i keep things that are rubbish?

why do i keep labels that i get from buying shoes and shit? why?

i bought a track bottom the other day and while usually they have those labels that go around the thing at the back with some kind of string this one go around the thing at the back with some kind of cool plastic metal chain kind of shit, and i was like shit this is pretty cool, let's not throw it away, why? why the fuck did i do that?

why do i keep all these papers around me, what the fuck are these, is it because i'm paranoid one of it might be my birth cert or a car grant so i keep it all, why? what the fuck is wrong with me?

why do i keep all these insignificant pornos in my hard drive? why? why the fuck? some of it is just some dude who's obnoxiously showing off that he can never pass a test to be a cameraman, and you get like a one second shot of a nipple and then just a shade of skin for the rest of the video, what the fuck is that dude? do you get off on watching skin? you'll never get to work for astro man you're screwed. so why am i fucked up enough to even keep 'em videos anyway argh.

and the fucking cds, don't even let me get started on that, even the ones that you can't even play on the dvd player cause the pirate does not take care of his fucking stock and then sell it to you and you're too lazy to return it. and instead, in a fucked up twist, you keep the fucking thing. why do you keep the fucking thing? are you somehow optimistic that one day enough exposure to the other pile of dvds that don't work might negate the condition and make the fricking dvd playable? or are you just plain fucked up? fuck is wrong witchu penyangak?


why? why? why?

fuck me i don't know.


Bedah said...

you one sick fuck, that's why.

hugs -

penyangak said...

terme keseh kerana mengomplimentari saya haha.

sejak bila puan bedah pandai berhugs. harap-harap puan bedah tidak berubah personaliti daripada dexter ke gossip girls haha.