Wednesday, October 08, 2008

the non-awakening of a do nothing is nothing man

the best part of a flu is the morning when it starts to heal/come down.

eyes open and i stare at the fan for a little while. it's not moving cause obviously you don't wanna turn on the fan if you're sleeping with a fever. i'm sweating just a little and not enough to feel discomfort. slowly sloth to the end of the bed and stand up. i feel much better than last night, last night i was weak as fuck, now i feel much fresher and better cause the flu has finally abandoned my body, leaving only a slight harmless hangover.

i go down to the kitchen to check out my chicken. i cooks mah chikkin and i eat it. i answer a few calls and then i'm back upstairs. i sit in front of the pc for a while before i start to feel a rock pushing down my rectum.

it's time for the infamous post-flu shit!

this is when i push out a big ass dildo sized rock out mah asshole. and as the rock is out i start to sweat, the sweat of supressed heat gathered from your body fucking up cause of the flu. ahh it feels so good, like wanking in the summer.


the Constantly Dramatic One said...

"go down to check out my chicken".

But I thought you live in the dungeon?

Also thanks for the overshare of info =p

penyangak said...

lalz dungeon nih bertingkat-tingkat ah gamaknye. welcome for the appreciation of much unneeded personal info.