Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ninja cats are having chikkin today

there's one supposedly old ninja cat, who is always visible, probably too old to bother about stealth.

there's another one that i'm fascinated by, i think it's the original ninja cat. he's getting even better now, i hardly see him. maybe once or twice a month by accident, and even so it would usually be only parts of the body. enough for me to make out that it's him, usually by the colour of his fur.

folks, that's what i call stealth fucking stealth. in, smoke, food gone, smoke, out. he's getting better. my guess, he's the disciple of the old one, the old one is female i think, let's call her orange, and the first ninja cat, call him smoke. orange is smoke's guru. smoke didn't use to be this good, but now he's on the level of orange back in her glory days.

now orange likes to just chill, she can be stealthy whenever she wants to but most of time she's all bout the relaxin', and eatin', and shit, nahmeen. she might be more calm but she ain't gon' let you touch her, oh no way, she wants to eat, and get out. she will be demanding, like yo where's my fucking food chump, but nothing more than that. she's a food-motivated serial one night stander with absolutely no bullshit attached. i'll eat your food and i'm out, no complicated relationships necessary. maybe the once-in-a-while casual head nod, but that's it.

and then there's the buncha white feminine looking cats. those are the ninja's bitches. even orange has bitches, fuck me if you think orange is straight, she's a dyke yo. if i had as many bitches as she did i'll be rolling around the pool swimming in my own endorphins.

smoke in the mean while, is doing all the work. lone ninja, taught by the badassest dyke on the street.

no idea whatsoever what he'll need all his ninjafying skills for.

but if i knew all that, he wouldn't be a true ninja........ would he?


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Dazed and Confused Ili said...

hang in there! you might have ninja kittenz soon. ho ho ho