Monday, August 03, 2009

some shit i watched

not so consistent in this department. this is mostly a few shit i've watched in the span of what half a year prolly. shit i'm losing the watching touch. don't blame me, my bathroom's soap holder couldn't hold a small one wait what. fuck. i meant, i just you know these days, i don't know. huhuhuhuhuhuhuuhuhu.

i love you, man
not bad. the tall dude who was the drummer in freaks & geeks or the tall dude in how i met your mother just doesn't seem so good playing that role though. he has been playing himself all this while and nah man he's shite as someone else especially just not cool enough to play a dude kinda guy, nah man. paul rudd on the other hand wasn't too bad in a lead role which is outside his comfort zone. although it would have been funnier if he just played one of his crazy ass calmly wacky co-character characters as the lead role, would have been fucking hilarious. whatever, though, ain't my movie the fuck am i whining.

roschjazk is dope as fuck. that's it. the movie overall i liked it.

this is bullshit. the soundtrack is good there's some velvet underground, lou reed, big star, the cure, david bowie, etc. and all that good shit but i've got all those in my winamp already who gives a fuck. except for martin starr aka bill haverchuck and that guy who played the cop who wasn't the jewfro dude back in superbad this was garbage.

friend (chingoo)
dope ass korean movie about a buncha friends. it's just dope, man the acting, the characters and shit, how it's done. fuck. it's like a not overly dramatic and classy young and dangerous.

x-men a.k.a. wolverine origins whatever
wait what?

a bittersweet life
badass rambo shit. wahuhkuga. some korean thug shit. this guy gave me goosebumps, it was like watching rambo or vijaykanth. it's just anger release personified. and just when you thought he's fucked and shit is impossible he does some shit and you're like fuck this is badass i'm cummin' in my pants this is some rambo chuck norris shit fuck.

a lotta little britain seasons and specials and all that shit
haha compuah says naaaw. do it bitch, you'll do it if you love me. i won thak wun. haha. dahhhling. sebastian.

the worst week of my life 1st season (original brit version)
this is bullshit. other than cute sarah alexander it's bullshit. that dude deserves all that shit he's getting cause there's no redeeming quality about him, he's not even charming, how the fuck is he british. and he gets fucking sarah alexander. fuck outta here with that bullshit homie.

the inbetweeners 2nd season

true blood 1st season
not bad at all homes. i started watching a few episodes of this on tv when i had to live in the condo for a while and had no other form of entertainment. and it was like my childhood watching late night tv series about some rural town with a lotta dialogue and creatures and shit you remember back in the 80's it was kinda like that and it felt nice. of course i had to spoil the kiddy magic by watching the rest of the season through internet downloading and wanking to anna paquin's tits.

transformers revenge of the fallen
okay i guess the action part was better than the first one. the comedy not so. the robots are still pretty annoying. but overall it was not bad at all because there was a cutie sitting beside me whaukuhkga.

the host
nice. very well done movie.

memories of murder
very well done. i tell you these fucking korean filmmakers, they're fucking ace. this one was about a serial killer and by the pace could have bored me to fucking sandholes but i don't know it just got a hold of me, the way it was done was dope as fuck. and how it blends a lotta movie genres together, there's actually even a strong element of comedy subtly and effortlessly running through this shit. beautiful shit.

mind, body & kick ass moves
i had a martial arts phase when i did kickboxing. but shit this series is dope as fuck. the host is dope. some british martial arty dude, and he goes everywhere to discuss everything whatever whatever it's just nice, laidback nice.

house latest season i forgot the number
holy fucking mindfuck i love house.

let the right one in
one of the best vampire movies i've seen prolly cause it had some strong love shit attached to it. very meticulously beautifully made movie. the vamp chick was kinda cute too.

dead snow
okay zombie movie.

al'interieur (inside)
brutal fucking shit. not bad.

some two and a half men
charlie sheen said when a woman is talking just keep saying "i understand". wisdom.

full house (poolha wooseu)
yes korean fucking tv melodrama comedy whatever. haha who gives a fuck i enjoyed a bit of it for some reason. the chick was cute. and you know it gave me a view on what people who were made for each other are like. i mean their dialogues don't need to be some deep life analyzing change the world bullshit, it just simple shit like what did you do today and when they interact with each other just talking about simple shit like that you just can't see them doing it with anyone else but themselves and shit. that's just love to me. is it? yeah i think it is, i might be right or right.

eat drink man woman
this is dope shit. taiwanese movie. laidback you know reminiscent of when you were small kinda movies you watch in the hot but not so hot sleepy but not so sleepy afternoons. wait as i'm writing this entry i'm beginning to get deja vu cause you see i sift through my movie files and memory from the latest down to the not so latest so i might have written about this shit at some point in this blog so wait what the fuck it's kinda like in real life where you never remember whether you've told this story to your friend but fuck it who gives a fuck anyway.

beat street
haha dope old school hip hop shit. the fucking cameos man. crazy ass cameos by legendary hip hop legends and shit legendary fuck. don't wanna name names too lazy to namedrop but trust melle mel in a zebra outfit rhyming political shit while the furious five is dancing in the background, that's some crazy fresh paradoxical old school shit not many artists could capture.

the it crowd latest season season 2 kot
funny shit.

haha michael caine is too cool. alfie, tell me what's up, i need your help. i don't know how to handle birds. you gotta help me alfie. what's it all about, alfie?


aight then that's it then.

but i've got two movies i'm halfway through my scary girl, kinda like my sassy girl but the girl is some kind of hitman, or hitwomen, what. and this old kung fu movie one armed boxer vs the flying guillotine the music is fucking badass as fuck what the fuck guitars that sound like weapons. fuck me.

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