Tuesday, August 11, 2009

oleh ucapan manismu

i have some shit up in my throat, and i sense a flu or fever coming. this is not good, not in these times. especially when y'all dezaym well fucking know my immune system is tip top so anything that passes by it might not be just a regular one. heavens, my paranoia is shooting up through the roof right now.

and yo mr. paranoia, since you're through the roof and all, could you tell the water pump to mellow his ass down a bit with the rumbling, that git is noising the fuck out of the top floor. it's like i live below the pissing subway, and a train would happen to just pass by every time someone uses the tap.

yesterday night i witnessed a ninja kitten. i went outside and i could see a glimpse of the little thing running into the bushes. couldn't catch a peep of the face, even if i could i wouldn't cause of the ninja mask.

you people probably know me a bit, know what's happening in my life a bit. but you don't really know much. because what happened yesterday, that event, has begun to shape since a long time ago and nobody knows about it but me and everyone directly involved. i kept it a secret, secret no more for i am about to reveal all to you interweb strangers.

to be continued.

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