Thursday, November 27, 2008

something something

moar on the yoga thing. actually i have misunderstood the fatwa or to be honest i haven't even read it since i don't do yoga (but would gladly do a yoga chick). what they banned for muslims was just yoga with the hindu elements, *gasp*.

one part of me will be like, isn't this like redundant, aren't those things like already haram since it's not.. i dunno.. islamic.. i dunno.. so before this fatwa, we can do hindu things? i dunno.. i'm clueless.. i don't have facial hair.

wait till they find out some people are jogging with mantras, they're gonna start putting "jogging ban" on newspaper headlines for no reason and piss off jogging bloggers to no end.

another part of me will be like, dude, i'm dissapointed. how are we gonna get rid of them non-malays with this soft ass shit. i propose we ban all kinds of non-malay exercises and force upon non-malays malay exercises like...........i don't know, er.. procrastination? or constantly being 'on the way' to a meeting destination? erm, i'll think of something better, i'll get back to yawll, don't worry i got something, i'm already on the way.

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