Thursday, February 21, 2008

fanning the forest

I finished showering, balls still wet, what do I do.

Suddenly I'm reminded of my boarding school days.

Back in the hostel, infections are aplenty, so you always have to keep your cock and balls dry.

In dorms, there would usually be two ceiling fans. But in my school it's not the regular spinning fan, it's kinda like the fans you attach to the wall, the one with grills right. But it's erected on the ceiling instead. And it can spin small 360 degrees circles to cover up almost the whole dorm.

So what I used to do after showers was put on my kain pelekat.

Open it up. Go below the fan and let the hostel breeze enflower my wetty balls.

And because the fan spun 360 degrees, I have to follow it too. All while holding up my kain pelekat.

It was so funny and weird. Yet it's a necessity. Survival of the fittest.

Another thing most of us have to do is not wear underwear, cause somehow it prevents infections.

So basically there were numerous forgot-to-zip-pants cock-dangling-out incidents.

But no fuss. We do what we do to entertain the ladies.

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