Monday, February 04, 2008

you do not know what it feels like to be all depressed. wait yes you do

High on minyak kapak. listening to Barry White and Guitar Wolf.

Masuk angin'ed cigarette on the lips. Wait I don't smoke. Scratch that.


Waking up at this hour with a potential headache. Banging to LOK AND LOL! Will cause a headache, but instantious applicationing of minyak kapak will help neutralizer the situation as fast as possible.

Watched Casino Royale earlier for the first time. It was pretty dope.


Hardly any rapidshare of Guitar Wolf as I sought out to re-fill the lost collection of mp3 albums I have of them. Why is that. Can I has their movie too. No? Internet? Rapidshare? No? Fuck you.

Seriously I need a Halle Berry.

I'll call a heli on her cherry.

An airstrike on her merry.

Vagina pure jelly.

Poke a hole on her belly.

And call it a day.

Pumpgun her waist and stunt cunt her face.

With pure white baby food.

Why am I writing like this I'm not Ghostface Killah.

or Killa Cam.

Me and mah homies we neva lonelayh.

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