Tuesday, February 12, 2008

elections, and the grammys, what? what

I find myself jumping and dancing yesterday after learning I will be continuing work in around next month. Not that work is enthusing me and I have betrayed the ways of lazytown, but I want some money to buy some shit. My job is not as orthodox as most but it actually pays well if you think hard enough. For example, this job will not require me to spend a lot of money, unlike most jobs which will probably pay higher but have more expenses. Fact, cause right now I'm still using money I saved from my salary from like 3-4 months ago. I was even allowed to go to HK and shop a bit, not that much though, I'm bad at shopping, I needed mah homies to force me to buy shit, if not I'll be going back to KLIA with some money lost in currency exchangation.

The elections are coming. I asked some young looking dude in a restaurant if he's voting, he said he never wants to vote. Idealistic. I asked why in a very stern almost-slightly-dissapointed-with-the-youth-of-the-nation manner. He babbled on and on and on and on about something I wasn't paying attention to as I was picturing Maya Karin giving me an armpit job, and then asked me aggresively "so why the facking hell do you feel the need to vote?", and I went "err, I never vote as well ok byez", and left him bewildered.

He chased me.

He wants to beat me up for making him waste energy.

I said "no please don't beat me up I was just fucking around"

"don't you think that's why I badly want to rip you into pieces right now?"

"yes, but you're ugly"







I ran towards a fire hydrant.


No reason.

I ran past it.

The fucker kept chasing me.

I'm losing a lot of fat right now. So I stopped and tried to reason.

But he's a fiery youngster, he doesn't want reasoning, he wants to beat me up.

Okay. I asked him "how heavy are you?".

"61 kgs".

"I'm around 150 kgs".

He said "bye have a nice day", and left.

I wasn't supposed to write all that but you never know what'll happen when the BLOGGER LOGO starts to possess your being.

No I have never voted, ever. Why? Cause, no not cause I'm a communist, I'm actually more of a post-neo anarcho-social-democratic sadist.

I .... DONOT .... GIVE .... A FLYING .... FARGHKING .... FUCK


Yes really.

Tell us more penyangak.



I might be campaigning for the demonic hellbound colour-coded government party though. I say why not. What would it feel like. Really. It could be fun. I'll get some money, those fuckers are rich. Remember I also work for a project under the government, I know these fuckers are rich and throw money everywhere. To my inanimate joy of course. What the fuck does inanimate mean. Haha. Any relation with mating, mate? Yo.

What will it feel like. Kinda like Fidel waving an American flag in Singapore. I don't know. What? How? Exactly. Yeah. Figadeeeeeeeeeeely whuut.




Hip hop wannabees these days like to say mayne. It's the funniest thing you know.

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