Monday, February 11, 2008

valentine's day and underground rapper

Turns out in about 3 days times - valentine's day. I have never experienced this day. I am also not bitter about it. Despite the fact that being bitter about it and relating it to various unislamic things equals cliche and I am prone to clicheness, trying to go against cliche is also clicheness and being that I am prone to clicheness thus it is what I am like in these days of pure torture. Imagining people and their people partners straight or not straight and trying to keep a straight face. The last thing I remembered about valentine's day was when my girlfriend went missing and I am at home chatting with strangers. But I am not bitter, infact bitterness is for the stupid, masturbation is for the truly enlightened.

Check out this song '98' by Nocando on his !!MYSPACE!!, click play, guntha. It is really dope. I really dig Nocando's flow. I really do. I really fucking do. I really dig his rhyming. I really do. I really fucking do. Nothing beats a black nerd. Nothing does. Nothing fucking does.

We can play myspace music now. We can really do. We can really fucking do.

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