Thursday, February 07, 2008

nasi putih + sambal macam kuah + ayam goreng mamak + bende macam cili goreng tuh

Happy chinese new year. To yawll and me too since I'm 1/5 chinese.

Living in a chinese dominated neighbourhood means everything is kosong today. I went to the mamak just now and the nasi lemak section where I usually steal a bucketload of sambal was closed.

Wow since when do I italize every malay term I use, usually I'm not this considerate.

Back from deep sleep. See if I sleep one way on my bed and without a/c I'll get really deep sleep with complex and in depth dreams. If I sleep the other way not so, but easier to sleep especially after watching something / wanking.

Some jiwang songs for people to consider:

Jackson 5 - all i do is think of you
A part in this one goes "i can't wait to get to school each day, and wait for you to pass my way". Do you remember those days. Being a lazy fuck means you don't want to go to school or learn. But females dawg. Females. Sometimes they're the reason you go to school. Beautiful broad. You don't even know if she's an arsehole, she probably is the biggest form. But that's not the point. She's perfect. Cause she has a perfect face. At this time you don't think too much about boobies. Boobies are for whores. The angelic face. And she's always close with assholes. She always has some ugly ass arsehole but supposedly charming senior hitting on her. It's okay though. As long as I get to sit behind or infront of her in the library. I'm happy. It doesn't take much to make me happy and content to be in a school where they teach you nazi bullshit.

Talk about school I'm reminded of this Paul Mooney joke in which he's talking about how teachers nowadays are sex maniacs wanting to fuck they students. He said something like "back in my days the bitch loved apples". Wahkugeahkgeua.

Jerry Butler - just because i really love you
A lot of stupid things are done while doing this drug. You bitch, just causea you I'm learning how to drive a speedboat. That's not the point. Anyway.

The Charmels - i'll never grow old
I'm always young, baby. Wauhgheakuga.

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