Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Back when I used to play GTA a lot, night a day, it would fuck up my impulse system. Like when I drive I would sometimes be tempted to drive on the wrong lane. Sometimes I would takeover cars as if I don't care if I crash mine. Well thankfully I managed to mostly control myself.

Now that I play Call of Duty 4 on multiplayer nearly everyday, yeah yeah yeah. This is the story.

That day I was supposed to go into this building for soundcheck but I wasn't sure if the rest of the guys were there yet. So I went upstairs. What I should've done was just go into the shit and look for the guys. You know what I did instead? I walked slowly, looked around. I saw another side facing the shit, I walked slowly up the stairs into there, and scoped around as if I was a sniper. Right left right left. Then seeing as the guys were not there yet I sat down somewhere safe. Whugakheahkukgea.

Well maybe it's no big deal to yawll but to me that's a fucked up thing to do whakugeahukgea. Cause it totally wasn't normal and only I knew it, well now you know too, but shit. Shit. Whukgaukga. Who the fuck does that, an ex-spy maybe. It's not like you're looking for someone to shoot or observe. You don't have to carefully go to the other side and slowly sift through all the humans unnoticed.

Vell vell vell.

So it was new year's night last night. Was supposed to chill but shit traffic was fucked up as a fuckafucka. So I u-turned home and succumbed to the nerdery of online gaming.


thinker bell said...

haha. me too. i was already asleep by midnite. too many things came in the way. sudahnye baik baca buku cite dan tertido. heh.

WordsManifest said...

you've been playing that game too long, doggie. jangan kau tembak kitorang sudah