Sunday, January 13, 2008

mah ODE to standup comedians - hicks > mankind

Back when kings and queens were kings and queens. The jester was the jester, of course. They laughed at the jester, the people. A lot. When shit got hectic the king'll get the people to laugh with him, at, the jester.

It ain't that way no more. Other way around.

These fucking comedians, the good ones of course, not of the carlos mencia or dane cook variety, make more sense to the world than the fucking world leaders.

Tell me if you don't agree with most of what is delivered straight-up or satirically by people like, I don't know, say, Dave Chapelle, George Carlin, Jon Stewart, Chris Rock, Stephen Colbert, Bill Hicks, Paul Mooney, etc etc etc. Tell me if you don't wanna live in the ideal world they envision. The balls out cuss-ing, pot smok-ing, racism-ridicul-ing, peace lov-ing, poor people attended to-ing, space exploring-ing utopia. The fuck a bill o'reilly and w. bush is rightfully put in his place, a daycare center, haven. Woah. I definitely want a piece of that as much as I want a piece of fresh pussy.

That's why I enjoy standup comedy more than what I'm taught to enjoy - religious sermons. It's almost the same message really if you think about it. It's just that no parent will ever understand that boredom is the most, well, boring teacher ever. I doubt even I will understand this if I become a bearer of seeds mah self though, you never know, uuuu neeevaa knewwwww it's like that anna, hieroglifix yaw.

I don't remember how I got exposed to standup comedy at first, maybe it was Seinfeld during the end of his sitcom or Bob Saget during the american funniest videos non video parts. I was like yaw what is this, dude standing just telling jokes, it's prettty nifty. I know Seinfeld/that-era Bob Saget were not the funniest dudes on-stage but when a concept hits you the very first time, you know. Man, even Puff Daddy would impress if you just got into the hip hop beat, nahmean.

The first act I heard in full was Eddie Murphy's two classics, raw, and delirious. You heard it, heard. Cause I didn't have access to videos. I downloaded both as mp3s on my jaring dialup setup. It probably took a whole night, had to leave the pc unattended. Ahh, the first few dips into the future world of extreme leeching.

From there I tracked back to his idol and biggest influence Richard Pryor (r.i.p). One of the dopest orators and story-tellers of our century. He also had a dope writer (as I discovered recently) behind him Paul Mooney, who is one of the most brghriliantly racist yet not racist fuck on stage, love it!.

From our generation though, people like Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle of course (and many more too but namedropping too much would make me overdose on snobnerdery), the standards.

Always mentioned in the same breath as Pryor is George Carlin. Well he's white. Still, he's dope. Not that white people aren't dope. But I have a color bias, as does your prejudiced ass. Maybe you could say white equivalent despite the different styles. But check any top list, they both would normally cement 1 and 2. Carlin had two sides, early and later. Both are dope to me. Early would be goofy, and what I would say is extreme observation. He would observe and reveal the most painfully trivial and ignorable of details yet shape gems from 'em. Also the infamous seven cuss words shit. Which is how I first actually discovered him, from a 70's show episode where Eric was listening to this on headphones and laughing about it.

Later would be angry old man, dope as well. What's consistent on both sides though is he likes to play with words and terms a lot. There's an intro to one of his sets where he rhymed some shit and I'm like fuck, this dude's an emcee, certified. This fucking old ass, grey-haired, balding, hoarse-voiced muthafucka, is an emcee. Fuhreal.

You could say him and Pryor carried on that Lenny Bruce shit then continued to influence more comedians after them themselves.

Back to Carlin though. I asked some nihilists online who else should I check out if I liked Carlin. Oh btw most of my taste is dictated by godless heathens (to quote Colbert) cause for some old reason they have better taste than my kind - god fearing barbarians. They said, Bill Hicks (r.i.p.).

I'm pretty sure right now, this dude is mah favourite. He's so fucking cool. He has a slight hicky's (pun intended) accent too, which is pretty cool cause it's him. Haha. He talks a lot about issues and shit, well which stand up comedian doesn't. But the way he fucking goes about it, is, cool, you know, cool. Cool as fuck. Like cool, you know. Like fonze, understando? Like how Italians speak english. Like how Cantona celebrates his chipped goal. Okay? Okay. Wanna know what I think? What do you think. Okay. Okay? Okay.

The way he makes his points. And having the best trademark btw line ever - i AM available for children's parties, by the way. It's word up! to every line for him from me. I don't even have to agree with him. Or a lot of these fucking comedians, most of them are fucking heathens. Who gives a fuck. We all want the same thing.

Some short clips, mah frenzez.

Bill Hicks - PLAY FROM YOUR FUCKING HEART! (..and I thought NKOTB weren't too bad).

Bill Hicks - non smokers (..and I don't smoke).

Bill Hicks - drugs and music (....and I make music without the ganja, and my music is dope, fuckaz).

..phew. I had this post about mah fav standup comedians in my mind all night while re-watching summa the shit, finally got to let some of it off in this morning. I know I've missed a lot of names, I do watch a lot of 'em. But you know the ones you come up with off the top are the ones you remember most and the most important to you. Nahmean? Maybe because these were mostly ones I discovered in my early days of research and discovery. Don't mind watching more though. Recommendation is another taste-indicator. Unless if you're pointing me to stupid shit. Carrot Top does come to mind but he was pretty funny in that Flava Flav roast. And about that, Jeff Ross the roastmaster is dope as fuuuuck.


Most of standup comedians have their own shows. Some have propah dope shows but are just boring in standups like say Ricky Gervais, his shows are fucking awesome. But his standup is too cliche atheist bible basher. Chapelle though, while dope in standup, but is wayyy wayyyy pretttttty dopppeeyyer with his show. He's just an overall funny guy though, I mean if you watch his post-Africa standups, most of it just seem off the head. But the way he says shit, that's why he's the shit. Bitch.

Got some new dudes too. Katt Williams with that pimp shit nahmean. He's also a member of THE FUCKING DIPSET. Take that fuckaz. DIPSET DIPSET DIPSET! FAH LYFA! ..maybe he wrote that funny ass sketch Cam did for Fiddy Corny, hmm. Aussie dude Jim Jefries, funny as fuck, regular guy jokes, really funny as fuck, on make up sex - wanna make it up to me? lemme fuck ya sista (in badass as fuckhead aussie accent fcourse). Disgusting too, just as I like it.

Some other dudes here and there, loads of 'em, are funny. Wait wimmin? Erm, I dunno wimmin have smaller brains so their capacity for humour is eekk. I wouldn't say Sarah Silverman is funny, she's pretty corny, but she's hot, I wouldn't mind watching her full set of titties, I meant standup comedy. Lisa Lampanelli the black dick salivater as I usually mention is not the most funniest cunt in the world but because her jokes are so racist it's not racist, I love that shit. Ha Ha.

There's some dope british dudes too. Got some old school ones whose accents I can't even understand but I'm pretty sure they're dope, just by reputation. Haha. If you like lesbian cross dressing dudes, Eddie Izzard's pretty cool. That irish dude, what's his name, Ed Byrne, who dissed Alanis' ironic song, is pretty funny too.

John Leguizamo had a dope HBO special. But he was prolly showcasing his superb acting skills more. I really dugged it as fuck though. Gotta mention Lewis Black too, he's dope in his own angry way.

Oh yeah Russel Peters' not bad too. I know, I know, I know. It's annoying when you're standing in line waiting for a buffet lunch. And then some smartass youngstah in the same que for no apparent reason other than to make himself think he's so winky cool goes to his friend "somebody gonna get a-hurt real bad" as if they were the only ones who have seen his set, and then of course his friend repeats it in a more closer to the original accent, then the smartass kid repeats it again, then the friend repeats it again too. I don't know whether they were fighting over who had the most spot-on delivery or just dual wanking to the quote but it's annoying as fuck you fucking kids. You probably think it's smart and funny and like oh nobody else understand it except us oooh our nerdery here is sooooooooooo nu age coolness, nobody else can has youtube and shit, eck. STFU and GTFO. I don't want yawll eating the same food I'm eating nutwats. Lemme grab mah sardine rolls in peace.

Butttttttt, I like him cause he makes a lot of Indian and Chinese jokes. Face it we wished we had some local dude who made those kind of jokes. And his faux accents are very funny. He's also very comfortable on the mic, and likes to interact closely with the audience. Which is something I like in a stand up show. Sumin' like Lampanelli, although most of her interaction shit is rehearsed anyway but fuck it.


Haaaa. Here I am, sitting topless. Writing whatever comes to mind about something I watch a lot.

See I like instant entertainment. I could get into a deep well-made movie, or music, or whatever. But the older you get, the more instant entertainment make more sense. I even get these little urges to watch at least one formulaic hollywood movie a month. Comedy does it for me though all the time. It works. Don't matter if it's really good comedy that for any other type of entertainment would require extra work on the brain. It's different cause comedy is just too entertaining as fuck and non brain straining.

It's the best form of saying things, other than saying things well. Back in the school/university days, you liked the teachers who say things well, as much as the funny dudes. Like the ones who would veer effortlessly into little-relevanted subjects while teaching, like how airplanes were made of milo tins while teaching how to saw wood. Or how fucked up the signboard in Cheras is, like they'll have a long list of residences and shit on one board and how the fuck are you supposed to read that shit while mobile, while teaching Project Management.

I don't know. Maybe that's why G.W.Bush has a lot of followers. I know he's lame. You're really laughing at him instead of with. But when you're busy laughing away, most of the time you just can't tell the difference.

This is me, ahq, hqa, penyangak, scumbag. Biatch news. Signing the fuck off. Have a nice day, ponces.

I'm off for breakfast as if I slept last night to wake up for the morning.

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