Sunday, January 13, 2008

tigerrrrrrrrrrr uppacutt

Yes I ate lunch like I said I would. Just a thrashy one though, still delicious and PROSPERITUSES nahmeeeen. After having downloaded a few very good movies I decided to watch 2 recent HBO standup specials instead. Katt William's 2006 one cause I read last year's one was not as good, it was dope as fuck. Bob Saget's recent shit. Dope as fuck. I am aware that he is sick and all that, having seen The Aristocrats and his sickest version of it. A lot of people seem to can't let go of this whole ooh-he's-tryin-too-hard-to-show-people-he's-not-full-house-dad-like. Like stfu already. Captain obvious. Plus he even declares that shit so you're null and void bitch, whoever you are, I don't know you, do you even exist, well you do, that's why I'm ranting about you. He's a fucking psycho. Haha. If anything he paints on himself the personality of a dude who got fucked up by having to act cheesy for money. Ahh that sounds familiar. Cock shit piss. I did like his american funniest video shit though, fuhreel, haha. Imagine that, added with tourettes and an imagination unrivalled. Maybe if I had been to most of his standup before creating this blog I could say he's a big influence. Muthafucker just rambles on and on and on about shit I wish I could come up with. He does it with the faux-nervousness of a dweeb too, kinda like his cameos like in Entourage or Half Baked. And he starts picking on a member of the audience, and the dude, appropriately named Jarrod, will be namedropped every time there's an 'opening'. Jarrod don't fuck goats, or rats, or turtles. Jarrod don't wear thongs. Jarrod don't fuck smeagol. Smeagol, E.T., Shakira, and Jarrod in a foursome. Wwahkugeahukgea what the fuck THIS DUDE IS FUCKING MENTAL. I didn't realize the sheer level of his tardedness. And I fucking love every bit of it, including his old school hip hop intro song.

Some highlights by some dude. You could get the full shit in youtube too. FIND THAT SHIT NEGRO DON'T LAZE AROUND IN YOUR BOXERS PLAYING FPS GAMES, wait that's me, anyway.

If you could just get through his tourettes, he's put a disclaimer already for fuck's sake don't just hate everything cause it tries too hard with a lot of cusses just get through that and listen to that shit you fuckhead (I'm talking to unknown people from imdb dissing him wahukghkeagea). Fuck. And he's pretty cool about it too, pretty cool about Southpark mocking him. It was funny. He was watching that shit cause he loved it with his daughter, and when Bob Saget was gonna be on he was like "fuck", his daughter was like "shit", and he was like "watch your language", and his daughter was like "but YOU talk like that", and he was like "but I pay your college with this stfu bitch", wahkugukeagea, and then he gets mocked in southpark, and he was like "fuck", and his daughter was like "but it's true", and he was like "stfu bitch no more trust fund for you" wakuhgakgeuaukhgkuea. You gotta love him. Fuck. I love him. When I was a kid I loved him for the wrong reasons. When I was a little bit older well he wasn't bad as the host for that shit, and I thought the funny voice thingy for all the videos was dope. None more of that nowadays. Now I'll love him for all the right.. FUCKING ..reasons. He's a sporting guy. He is one reason I love Stephen Colbert. Not just because he was a dope supporting dude in Daily Show. Add to that, he does look a bit like Bob Saget. Bob Saget, muthafuckah. Bitch. Cock shit piss. And John Stamos, dear god he's a prety pretty mutahfuckah. Watch out for Bob's jokes about him and John, won't tell it here spoil the fun, it's fucking hilarious. And John Stamos is such a good looking guy. If I was a fag I'd hit it in a second. Well 20 years ago. Well you don't need to be a fag to hit it, if I was in prison with him you know. And Alessandro Nesta in his long haired days too. They're just pretty they're not even men, they're like chicks with dick, if any. Nesta was so pretty me and my football buddies back in the days all alpha maled and stuff would still go damn he is so pretty, so ayu, like daymn I could fall in love. the late Selena. Mm Selena. Get that hetero back boy.

What do you get when Colbert curbs your enthusiasm during star wars?

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