Friday, November 02, 2007

don't curb your gasanalism, let that bitch go and let the world know, how the insides of yow ass smell like

Yesterday I was staring at the screen not knowing what to do with it hand and fingers stiff on the mouse, then I felt something coming and.. and.. and.. I sneezed & farted simultaneously, that felt pretty good, preeeetty good, preeeeeeetty good.

Shooting cum to a proper ladies' face is the zenith of manhood, the claim of superiority & dominance over that particular dame, fox, gal, femme, etc. The white soya bean quality of your penilis fluidis represents the unity of your army of supremacy. Your private & personal marine corp, relieved of their generic duty of going from air force to naval for a more noble one of air force to land soldier. Soldier! Take-over! the nose! the eyes! the cheeks! the lips! and occasionally, hair. No weaponry needed, the mere presence warrants a claim of authority, lordship.. total supremacy.

It's true though. If I hate some kind of women, I would imagine cumshotfaceher to be really really pleasurable as me putting that beatch down, yo. I got you mufuckuh, you snobbish arrogant think-you-hot muthafuckah.

Yargkh, my imagination is held accountable for keeping my reality sane.

Never blame video games for violent, rather lack-of.

Never blame songs for suicide, rather lack-of.

Always blame lame bands for the lack of suicides, crucify them, ostracize them - for the over-population of lame white boys with super lame dressing sense is the cake taker of doomsday prophecies.

If we walk right up to the sun, would it be in an area 51 studio on a drift of moon trip dejavu?

No matter how much I crap, I will make it obligatory to pretend that I am not crapping by using a pretentious style of writing.

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now this post is the shiznit! brilliant stuff,dude!