Friday, November 30, 2007

all you mufuckaz need a beating

Why are people so anal about parking spaces.

I have to park 2 km away from home everyday causa no space near the house.

I have to walk through padi fields, rivers, oceans, constructions, hills, a shit tank, a canyon that is now filled with water etc. just to go from car to house.

A canyon that is now filled with water is something really mystical to me. I've seen it once, and camped besides one. It's kinda cool. Looked like a big lake. But imagine this, beneath the water is a fucking living canyon, I mean like hillsides and all that, with trees and all that. It's like an underwater national park. Like fuh real, that shit just amazed and stay amazezing me. Like fuhreal, daym.

Anyway, yeah. Cunts.

You know how between houses there's like a free space that you can park you car if the porch's full.

The house infronna mine used to be empty I used to park there all the time and all that.

Now a cunt's moved in and shit. It's like she puts a dustbin on that space cause she won't let nobody else park there, as if it's her land and shit. What an asshole.

And her car is so small and shit, plus she barely uses her own porch, fuhreal. What kinda selfish cuntish shit is that. Mufuckaz need to chill and back lay a bit.

Have some fucking niceness in yar fucken hearts for once.


WHAT THE FUCK, happened to niceness?

I'm a nice guy. I always try to give the right amount of change to cashiers. I always give cars the road unlike most cunts. I don't mind a lotta things.

But muthafuckaz except a few don't act the same. What the fuck happened to niceness. All you fucking cunts need to be taught a lesson.

Somebody needs to beat NICENESS into you cunts.

That's what it is.

You just can't expect people to be naturally nice nowadays. You gotta heat up iron and patch it onto they flesh then force them to be nice. You gotta shove a cactus dildo down they throats and all that. BE NICE BITCH.

Like shiiiiit.


Fuckedy fuck.

You mufuckaz really really need to be taught lessons. Fuck a lesson. Lessons.

I'm gonna gather every single cuntish asshole and put them in a pit.

In the pit I'm gonna put in giant robots. Giant unisex rapist robots. With big ass cocks made out of raw uncut splintery diamonds.

And I'm not gonna let anyone out unless they promise to have some fucking niceness.



Sharina said...

Social niceties are overrated.


ahq said...

i dun care if anythings overrated as long as i get muh parking space whaukuhkgkuea.